Transparent Gadgets and Creative Designs

Transparent Gadgets and Creative Designs

Transparent gadgets and creative concept designs from all over the world.

Transparent Nikon D80

Transparent model of Nikon D80 DSLR camera.

Transparent Nikon D80

Transparent Refrigerator and Clothes Dryer

Transparent household electronics from Japan. The dryer uses natural dry air instead of loads of energy to do its job, and the fridge has a special “low waist line” to facilitate the transport of heavy items.

Transparent Refrigerator

Transparent Clothes Dryer

Transparent Chair

Calligaris Irony chair with structure in metal and transparent plastic.

Transparent Chair

Transparent Mirror

The series of “fiction” mirrors designed by Jean-Marie Massaud are made in extralight glass with degrading shaded silvering.

Transparent Mirror

Transparent iPod Case

Getting sick of your black or white color iPod? Get this iVue Crystal case, it is a transparent casing for your iPod.

Transparent iPod Case

Transparent Canoe

This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes.

Transparent Canoe

Transparent Canoe 2

Transparent Xbox 360 Case

Swap that eyesore Xbox 360 white case for a Clear Ghost Case. This is the only case in the world that comes with a clear DVD drive lid, which actually lets you see the DVD game disc spinning while you play.

Transparent Xbox 360

Transparent PSTwo Slim Case

Transparent PSTwo Slim

Transparent Iron

The transparent B-IRON 725 iron allows you to see the clothes that you are ironing. The soleplate is made out of tempered glass and heat conduction works via a network of electro-thermal wires.

Transparent Iron

Transparent Iron 2

Transparent Toaster

Creative concept design of a transparent toaster lets you see the bread while it is toasting.

Transparent Toaster

Transparent Chess Set

A Chess Set inspired by the novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ where the pieces magically turn transparent when they touch the board.

Transparent Chess Set

Transparent Chess Set 2

Transparent Chess Set 3

Transparent Concrete

Translucent concrete blocks – the future of architecture?

Transparent Concrete

Transparent Concrete 2

Transparent Dice

Transparent Dice

Transparent Bath

The transparent bath displays the number of drinkable water bottles you are using when taking a bath. It is just a concept right now, but a sobering idea none the less.

Transparent Bath

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  1. Tim

    Seen most of them, but the canoe still gives me a smile. Nice post!

  2. Mattucci Gabriel

    Super and genius!

  3. Arian

    D80 looks like its made for underwater.
    Imagine being on that canoe and seeing a shark underneath. That’s scary.

    Great coll.

  4. Richi

    I love that transparent toaster! :o Get me one. :)

  5. Tracy

    Love the canoe!!!

  6. Mr Kuzio


    THIS is a transparent stuff XD

    Anyway I like white color almost milk.

  7. Mr. Toilette

    Where is the transparent toilette?

  8. Sammy

    Well who wouldn’t want a transparent bath tub? It wont matter to people to use a tub that people can see through. I think that the owners of the tubs should go out in public and use them then ^.^

  9. Sammy

    Also, whats the point of a transparent mirror? A mirror is a reflection of yourself on a piece of glass, if its transparent you would not see yourself but the wall instead. Its like a window

  10. Bob

    The concrete’s translucent, not transparent.

  11. George

    i CANNOT figure out where to purchase the chess set

  12. Bkadez

    What is “sobering” about the bathtub? the only places in the world it might be sobering would be the desert areas. I get sooo sick of the your wasting water BS, crap the planet is 70% water, unless you live in a drought area your NOT WASTING water even if “They” like to say you are because its their pet project at the moment, anywhere else your not saving water buy not using it, using it keeps it nice and recycled. Screw it, I take 45-60 min showers everyday, leave the yard sprinklers on all year round, wash our 4 cars 2x a week and never think twice about it, WOOT love water.

  13. Bukator

    Easy Bkadez…haha
    Ya i want one of those toasters too…they are all pretty cool.

  14. Joe

    George, that is because it is only a concept. That’s the annoying thing, sometimes, about reading up on new futuristic concepts and inventions, you often have to wait years before they are available to private citizens.

    Bkadez: saying “the planet is 70% water” is a ridiculous argument. You failed to mention that only 2.5% of that water is fresh water, and treating salt water is quite expensive.

  15. David

    I am totally in love with the canoe. I would love to own one of those!!

  16. donna

    Those are great but what about the SWATCH watch and
    the telephone-probably two of the first transparent

  17. JoblessPunk

    Sweet :)

  18. Peter Jaspers-Fayer

    The clear canoe is pretty, but when canoeing anywhere near idiots in motorboats (and somehow, so many of them are!), I want to be a visible as possible!


  19. Stéfan

    The transparent fridge and toaster are my favorites.

  20. ahmet

    süper yaa

  21. Robert Frost

    I’d like a transparent toilet.

  22. Max

    Nice images collection. I love the transparent canoe

  23. percy


  24. Ravont Seo

    Nice and Great collection :D

  25. Sean Nieuwoudt

    awesome post! the toaster is fantastic! haha

  26. Salem

    I like Sammy’s comment and I agree;
    transparent mirror=window!

  27. marciamarcia

    It seems inevitable we’ll see Wonder Woman’s clear jet any day now.

  28. kylie

    transparent mirror? how does that work?

  29. John

    ive ridden in one of those canoes in florida. they are so cool

  30. kw

    No way I’d want the fridge – sure it looks awesome in the pictures, but in reality I’m sure your fridge is often as empty / disorganised as mine!

  31. Juan Pablo

    I think I see somewere a transparent flag. Well, maybe I can´t see it.

  32. rufus2

    I’d like my self to be transparent

  33. John Michael

    if only we got transparent bikinis ;)

  34. Martin Lewis

    4 of these which truly use transparency to full effect, being the canoe, toaster, iron and concrete.

  35. Bebo

    What a great collection, love the canoe and of course the fridge, how good would that look full to the gunnels with beer :)

  36. kitty

    the canoe is fantastic! xD

  37. kRiStEn

    wow…………………hmmm…….. ok thats kool i want the bath thing thats pretty kool

  38. Andrea

    i have that same nikon d80.. cept. its black..
    i want this one!

  39. KK

    My grandfather owned a wristwatch with a glass / transparent case. Only the dial had a strong visual presence to the outside. Everything else looked within.

    He bought it in Switzerland in the late 40’s and as a child in the 60’s I watched all the movements from the underside of the watch. You could see the tick-tock movement of precision and clarity. It was magical and beautiful.

    My grandmother wore it often after his death, but she didn’t pass it on. It was gone after she died. I would love to see a similar watch again.

  40. Jens

    And where can I buy the fridge or the camera?

  41. Rawr!

    The transparent mirrors are only transparent as certain angles, I’m assuming. When you’re in front of it, I believe that you would see yourself just fine.
    ^ ^

    Other than that, I love the toaster~!

  42. Michiel

    @ Rawr!

    The series of “fiction” mirrors designed by Jean-Marie Massaud are made in extralight glass with degrading shaded silvering.

    Meaning half of the mirror is shiny and the other half isn’t.. I think.

  43. karonay

    Hahaaaa!…..Now that’s crazy. Transparent mirror? r u kidding me?

    Imagine a time at sea, and u c crocs, or shark, etc. and one is riding to the surface towards your bum…umm!..very scary.

    I love most of the stuff esp. the toaster and the *canoe* lol d._.b

  44. Sly

    Totaly awsome toaster set

  45. thenetguruz

    Nice! but that transparent iPod looks ugly while transparent iron (if it really exist) is fantastic.

  46. muhranda

    the transparent clothes washer/dryer would get all full of lint and get dirty… yuck!

  47. Mike

    Great. Everything is transparent

  48. Mona

    Lots of great ideas. What about cost? More cost effective without color? What material is used? Some I would not use but definetly others I would.Great job..

  49. Ross

    A transparent bath, well a guess a face cloth isn’t going to protect my modisty now. They didn’t really think that one through did they. love the iron and toaster though

  50. Shay

    Hey, the iron is cool. I soooo want the canoe. and, I agree with you Ross.

  51. LaLa

    Ross, do you take your baths in public that you would need to protect your modesty, or do you not want your cat to see you bathing?

    I love these designs, especially the toaster! I so want one now!

  52. Tomo

    I don’t understand why you would need transparent concrete.

  53. ????

    Ya. I like the tub but it would be kinda awkward if someone accidentally walked in on you. lol

  54. winky

    There is a cooler Trasnparent Tub…by Jason–and the trasnparent toilet is a fish tank toilet…I reallly dig the transparent concrete!!!

  55. Clear Eye

    These are all pretty cool. The only ones that have a sense of practicality though are the canoe, iron, and toaster (even though the toaster appears to only toast 1 piece of bread.

    I really like the washer and canoe! Maybe it’s the neon, but that washer looks sweet.

  56. manoballs

    How about a transparent car? nice site and pictures are beautiful! cheers

  57. Dennison Uy

    What? No transparent clothes?!??

  58. Boltanna

    Thats cute, I really like the concrete and the bathtub is kinda odd.

  59. shalini

    great creative work!!

    rocking site!!

  60. Jack Cyrus

    Hmm…Transparent Bath… I would like to see that works^^

  61. Web3

    Transparent clothes would be awesome :)

  62. Deepikapub

    not more great then transparent clothes!! :)

    but itz beautiful pics..

    thnx 4 the pics :)

  63. Anon


  64. phidas

    Genial and cool :)

  65. Pranav

    D mirror, iron n d concrete r gr8

  66. Rinoralph


  67. Drake Mallard

    The fridge is very nice.

    For people who don’t make their mind up on what to eat/drink while their hold the door of the fridge open, could be a really energy saver.

    The canoe is very nice too, but it requires very clear water underneath to be fully enjoyed.

    The transparent washing machine could be mesmerizing. May be good for hypnotherapy. :)


  68. arun

    very nice and all post is very cool

  69. arkadije

    Share sympathy with all other comments.

  70. Holly

    Ya ok so had this site under food art for that set of pictures and my computer became popular because i have looked at all of these sets of pictures with all my classmates surrounding me (ya i’m not so popular so this was a change). so i just want to say thanks for posting these pics.

  71. Gabriel


  72. sam_khrap

    wow excellent collection I really love the canoe and it will be very useful. Mayba a change from Snorkling also.

  73. Sean Connery

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think the tub is aw-sum. It’s not like random people are going to be seeing you take a bath in your own house. You could also just be a normal human being and lock the door if you were really that worried about it.

  74. Elizabeth Moore

    :Excellent-Excellent Great Job! Living in the world in seethru-glass world,I don’t want anyone see my fat-ass taking a bath or fishing! I love fishing I hope I don’t get see to much it make me stay in the house underground (smile) Life is somethings!

  75. Oddie

    Cool shapes ! :D must be hard breakable glass :D !

  76. Many

    only if we got transparent bikinis xD

  77. robb

    damn cool the D80.
    nikon should release it in limited edition.

  78. jaylarson

    The concreted isn’t transparent but translucent.

  79. PraP


  80. JSC

    the mirror isnt completely transparent it you read the post, nor is it a window. it fades from being a mirror into being transparent, yes, at that point, like a window as you put it. and it is also stated that the concrete is translucent rather than transparent. why is everyone so quick to correct?

  81. vonsinglet

    very cool guys! well done. your stuff is always fresh and interesting.

    bkadez…’re a halfwit

  82. huemaurice1

    The liters of water of the bathtub will never be lost. All the water retrains since millions of years. She goes out again quite own for sources. A droplet on Earth will never be missing.

  83. ali

    these wonderful designs, thank you.

  84. Ahmad

    i totally agree on the idea, great stuff M8,
    also i’de appreciate if a transparent Bikkini also available ;-p~~~

  85. Jon

    Canoe? Oh yes, I missed it first time.

  86. Whore

    hmmmm it makes some things look good and other looks bad

  87. kadal

    transparent concrete?????? wow…..exotic !!!!

  88. anna

    the ipod is kool

  89. Rechargelife

    We can’t hide…it’s transparent! Cool!

  90. konstnaerlig

    I want the canoe!

  91. chintan patel

    refrigerator is excellent

  92. ChEeSe

    the fridge one would be kinda freaky cause if someone comes over and says ” so… you have orange juice huh?…”
    you’d be all like “yea… we sure do” and then that would be super akward…

  93. Victoria

    Haha! i love the transparent toaster box. that toast looks really burnt though.

  94. sunny


  95. Alice

    I like the transparent toaster you always know when your toast is burning

  96. Frank

    That Bathtub is neat. ;)

  97. Scott

    If you really can’t get enough of transparent items, you should try prison. Almost everything you buy, from shavers, televisions, clock radios, cd players, and fans, are all clear and transparent.

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