High Tech Pizza Cutters

High Tech Pizza Cutters

Are you tired of your regular pizza cutter? Then check out these awesome custom pizza cutters based on chopper style motorcycles.

Pizza cutters designed by Fankie Flood: Mantis, Psycho Pizza Cadillac, Easy Rider, Pizza for Life and Phatboy. You decide which one is which…

High Tech Pizza Cutters

High Tech Pizza Cutters 3

High Tech Pizza Cutters 4

High Tech Pizza Cutters 5

High Tech Pizza Cutters 2

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  1. tehs

    This sort of tool will be a conversation peice as any party!

  2. dunn

    i like the second pic . where to buy ??

  3. ronny

    looks like a pair of knuckle busters with an engine part lol

  4. isabelle_yang

    Aww look like a bunch of Harleys without handles emerging from the floor.. awesome!

  5. chris

    i love them all

  6. Greg Thompson

    Really cool. How about a steam punk inspired pizza cutter?

  7. Jameson wright

    I what them all where can I get them

  8. Steve Bryant

    I own a Pizzeria and would love one, how do I get one?

  9. Matt

    Where can I buy them?

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