Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Innovative kitchen appliance from Hamilton Beach will help you easily make delicious breakfast sandwich in less than five minutes.

1) Simply place bread, eggs, bacon, cheese, and other ingredients into the breakfast sandwich maker and close the lid.

2) Every layer of your breakfast sandwich will be cooked to perfection.

3) Remove the cooking plate and your sandwich will assemble itself.

4) Open the lid and enjoy your hot breakfast sandwich. [order]

Breakfast Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Machine

Breakfast Sandwiches

Dishwasher Safe

Breakfast Sandwich Machine

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

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  1. Joe

    I highly doubt that it works as well as advertised, but my god I want that thing!

  2. Sharyn

    I’m with Joe.

    I know that there’s no way I’ll smoothly glide the bottom of the egg frying plate out. Instead, half the egg and whatever has merged with the melted cheese from the stack below it will combine to mean I probably need a hammer to move it, or half the sandwich will come with it.

    But it’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen and I want one now! Or as soon as they ship to Australia…

  3. karina

    Completely unnecessary. I mean really…though I suppose that has never stopped a product from selling..

  4. Peterrrr

    Thats cool and really creative, it just simplifies the whole breakfast making process

  5. Masteroche


  6. Gert

    It only takes 5 minuets to toast the muffin and cook the egg anyways and you can do them at the same time. Total waste of money.

  7. Jimbo

    I simply fail to see where you insert the pig and chicken. I mean really, if were going to do this right, we need to have a place to insert them.

  8. Karen

    Dude this is genius! Although it would probably sit unused in my kitchen if I owned it.

  9. heng

    how about putting a burger in there :)

  10. Jorge Cajina


  11. K

    I like it! And why only make breakfast sandwiches in it? Why not burgers, salmon patties, portabello mushrooms, etc? Seems very versatile and handy, especially if it works as advertised. And something VERY nice about it, that some people might think lazy… it takes way less pans, and everything goes in the dishwasher. Great for people on the run. It’s also portable. Love it.

  12. JG

    K the dishes thing is exactly what I was thinking. It looks excellent, who cares whether some judgmental sod thinks it’s lazy…I’m all for making life easier for yourself, we have enough to worry about as it is!

  13. Kittu

    Well now no excuse for not having proper breakfast!

    <5 m (for a sandwich) + < 1 m (pouring out milk or Fruit juice whatever works) = Breakfast ready in 6 minutes !!!!

  14. Ronald

    Their just $1 at McDonalds and someone else makes the and cleans up after, can’t beat that deal!

  15. latincrow81


  16. E

    I can imagine that it will most likely be sitting duck on my kitchen bench most of the time, but damn, I DO want it!

  17. Linda

    Best kitchen appliance invention in years! Works exactly as stated. Quick, easy and delicious. No problem sliding cooking plate out from under egg. Use shredded cheddar etc rather than American cheese. Possibilities are endless. Breakfast, lunch and yes, dinner too as well as dessert. Kids 8 and up should have no trouble using it with minimal supervision.

  18. Linzy

    I agree with Linda. Although I think American cheese would be better, big sis! So how about something like a bun with a burger, salad, mustard, tomato sauce etc. Kids 10 and up would NEED supervision – luckily I’m 13 and a half so I’d have no problems to worry about except for burning my fingers!

  19. Hai People

    I have one of those.

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