Snowing Billboards Invade Norway

Snowing Billboards

Snowing billboards were designed by TBWA to promote Tryvann Winter Park ski resort in Norway.

Tryvann Winter Park is a modern and highly equipped ski resort only 15 minutes from the center of Norway’s capital city, Oslo. Whilst downtown can be completely free of snow, Tryvann can be a winter wonderland with perfect ski conditions.

A smart technical solution made it possible to create a mini snowstorm inside transparent billboards. Every time it snowed at Tryvann Winter Park, mini snowstorm was started and stopped by sending an SMS.

Tryvann Winter Park Snowing Billboards Invade Norway

Tryvann Snowing Billboards Invade Norway

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Oslo, Norway

  1. Paul Sample

    waiiii that’s so freaking cool! hehe cool did you get it? hehe

  2. gary

    Clever idea, tho’ ironically you’d think they would be tired of snow, looks like they have enough of the real white stuff already.

  3. Jaqi Mugo

    We need that here in Kenya. I’ve never seen snow with my naked eye before (I’ve never travelled out of Kenya before yet).

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