Shoes with Human Teeth

Shoes with Human Teeth

Creative shoes designed by Fantich and Young have soles made of teeth.

Human dentures were carefully implanted into classic Mary Jane shoes.

“Apex Predator” red shoes with teeth for girls and young women.

Mary Jane Shoes

Girls Shoes with Teeth

Mary Janes

Fantich and Young Shoes

Apex Predator

Fantich and Young

Mary Jane Shoes with Teeth

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  1. Rudy

    Lot of polishing and great news for dentists – lol

  2. Mr Lee

    Well… this is creepy, disturbing and odd. Would suit hannibal lecter very well.

  3. Gert

    just. no. lol

  4. Chris


    Is there more than one pair of those. Because teeth come in different sizes.

  5. Sepehr

    Tooth Fairy’s favorite pair of shoes.

  6. aokiharu

    urgh…what a creepy made me shiver at all.

  7. Falcy

    Oh, hell no

  8. Shilov

    Hehehe… Shoe Bites…heheh

  9. Thunder

    Just to be clear, this is a sculpture, not a mass produced product. No artist or designer out there has so much money they can produce hundreds, if not thousands of these shoes. Human teeth (fake or real) are just too expensive ;)

    Anyway, I love it!

  10. sam

    thats kinda weird and scary

  11. Ashe

    Looks like something my sister would buy.

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