20 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays

20 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays

Collection of unusual and creative ice cube trays from all over the world.

Alphabet Ice Cube Tray

Float subtle messages in your friends drinks, or if you are feeling really creative, go crazy and make letters out of jelly or butter. [link]

Alphabet Ice Cube Tray

Ice Invaders Ice Cube Tray

Did you spend a good portion of your childhood (and your allowance) blasting 2-dimensional aliens to smithereens? Now you can freeze those precious moments in time with Ice Invaders. [link]

Ice Invaders Ice Cube Tray

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray

Chilling ice cube tray. Chill your beverages to the bone! [link]

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray

Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray

A fun way to cool your drink, perfectly formed Ice Gold Balls. [link]

Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray

Titanic Ice Cube Tray

You get 4 ocean liners and 4 icebergs — just add gin, Leo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet for a perfect party. [link]

Titanic Ice Cube Tray

Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

Your favorite irrational number chills your beverage of choice. [link]

Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

Tipsy Toes Ice Cube Tray

Stylish ice cubes that won’t dilute your drink and can be used over and over. Put a pair in your punch, or dip your toes into a gin and tonic. [link]

Tipsy Toes Ice Cube Tray

AK Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Show James Bond how it’s done and add a little sophistication to your parties with this amazing ice cube tray. [link]

AK Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Strawberry Ice Cube Tray

These soft rubber ice cube trays allow you to have strawberry-shaped blocks of ice in your drinks. [link]

Strawberry Ice Cube Tray

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles and drop them into any glass – they’re the ice cubes that grin right back at you. [link]

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Tetris Ice Cube Tray

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray – the only ice cube tray that makes special puzzle shaped pieces which you can use to play a chilly version of the old classic. [link]

Tetris Ice Cube Tray


Need to dig up a clever party accessory? Look no further than ice-cold fossils – these two assorted dinos will add the perfect Ice Age touch to your modern drinks. [link]


Fishbone Ice Cube Tray

Guaranteed to keep your drinks cool in more ways than one. Use them as a party piece, an icebreaker, or simply to keep your drink cold. [link]

Fishbone Ice Cube Tray

Ice Princess Ice Cube Tray

This unique ice tray creates magic wands fit for a fairy princess – sparkly glittery reusable drinking straws with star-shaped ice cubes at the tip. [link]

Ice Princess Ice Cube Tray

Jewels Ice Cube Tray

Just fill this food-grade flexi ice tray with water or any kind of juice, and freeze. Then pop out the three-dimensional Cool Jewels and bling out your beverage. [link]

Jewels Ice Cube Tray

Snowflake Ice Cube Tray

Creative ice cube tray designed by Ignacio Pilotto. [link]

Snowflake Ice Cube Tray

Guitar Ice Cube Tray

Drop one of these groovy guitars into your drink, and give it a stir. Just the thing for jazzing up your favorite beverage. [link]

Guitar Ice Cube Tray

LEGO Ice Cube Tray

Serve the coolest drinks around with ice that looks like LEGO bricks, or build your own LEGO ice “sculpture!”. [link]

Official LEGO Ice Cube Tray

Homemade LEGO Ice Cubes

Learn how you can make your own LEGO ice cube trays at home. [link]

LEGO Ice Cube Tray

Cool Shooters Ice Cube Tray

What’s cooler than a shot glass made of ice? [link]

Cool Shooters Ice Cube Tray

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  1. navin


  2. electronic cigarette

    These are so cool…uh, no pun intended.

  3. Realizzazione

    Thanks Toxel! More fantasy for our drinks! :)

  4. wtyang24

    yeah… perpetualkid.com has the most creative ice cube trays. luv ’em!

  5. sandiballoon

    This is so cool! I have an “ice cube of the month club” on my blog– I give out tasty ice cube recipes… how cool to use these trays to make them tasty and fun looking!!

  6. Manish Ahuja

    I LOVE the Shooters ice cube tray :)

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    Wow, these are cool! Er, pun intended.

    the frozen smiles are the funniest, ha ha ha ha ha! LOL! ;D

    The bullets and the bone chillers rock!

  8. Hicore

    Very cool icy things ;o)

  9. nanimo

    my choice – titanic and frozen smiles :D

  10. Phil E. Drifter

    I doubt some of these would work well, i.e. the cubes would come out with cracked off peripherals without taking more care to get them out than the usual ‘twist of the tray.’

  11. Drew

    I found the alphabet, Bullets, and Princess to be the most interesting and exciting.

  12. patricia

    I love the Gin and Titanic! Fun stuff

  13. Vanas

    Lego!!! Tetris!!
    Loved it!
    Must buy for my house ;)
    Thanks =)

  14. Jessica

    The only one you forgot are the Shot Ice Cube Glasses!!! :/

    really good post though :)

  15. Benjamyn Rees

    I love the bullet ice cubes…

    Pop a cap in you glass?

  16. Lori

    i have the shot glass ones…they’re amazing!!!

  17. Ignacio

    Thanks for the publication!!!
    (Snowflake Ice Cube Tray)

  18. Sewt

    The AK-47 Bullets are Sweet – where can i get it ?

  19. Si

    I have the bone chillers tray, and the crossbones ones are absolutely impossible to get out of the tray without breaking one of the ends off. They still look cool though…

  20. simplelife

    This is so cool. I like the guitar and the bullets.
    Good Job!

  21. Dave Tennant

    Did anyone notice that all the ice cubes are fake. They are either plastic or a Photoshop item.

  22. Melanie

    This is so cool !! i want them all :D

  23. arslion

    awesome..toxel.com u are great.

  24. amanhem

    nice work!

  25. kdAlise

    Nice. I think Pi and the Princess are my favorites (geek + girl).

  26. Shannon

    Very cool! I think I may need to order Pi and Titanic. Thanks for posting these.

  27. chiropam

    Very “cool” indeed!

  28. Nita

    me wants!!!!

  29. harika

    they were awesome!! Each had a different look ! they look amazing ;)

  30. Annie

    These are awesome! :)
    Except I have some ice shooters – they don’t really work very well… especially if you’ve had few to begin with! Pretty slippery and they start to melt too quickly :(

  31. Lisa Thomas

    we want the princess and the shoes, they are cool, get it coool:)

  32. belinda

    yeah, dave. that melted ice really looks fake. moron

  33. icetender

    while these are all wicked creative. most of them lack purpose.thermophysics?(sic) A normal ice”CUBE”gives the best chilling properties as in the lego cubes have those little nibs on top that would melt first.making your drink watered down.imagine what the snowflake would do to your eighteen year old scotch.cool ideas though. anything to think outside the cubicle. ha! that’s ironic. cheers! drink up!!!

  34. icetender

    ok! ok! cheesey pun as apposed to ironic. ya got me.

  35. Brian Gomez

    love the guitar ice. Lets drink to that!

  36. Tainah

    I love it!

  37. e cigar

    haha. I like your pun too, icetender. Think outside the CUBE-icle.

  38. Nemecis

    Hahahaa … Great ideas !

  39. LindaLou

    These icetrays would be great for parties…
    And to those that have trouble removing them from the trays, try running very warm water on the bottom side of tray, wrap a clean cotton cloth around it, invert and ice should release easily…

  40. haley

    These are great… I just wish you had links to find some of them. I have so many party ideas in my head right now because of these. On 2nd thought maybe it was good that you didn’t link otherwise I would be buying a lot of them!

  41. finkel

    Where can I buy these……

  42. gill

    very good, has really inspired me.

  43. De Puta Madre

    The Crises on the rock …

  44. Mosche

    very nice ! I try to make it at home !

  45. Laura

    Ah wow , iv got puzzle pieces :D
    oh yeaah

  46. sarah

    these are all so great! thanks for rounding them up.

  47. Beata

    this is so weird and useless.

  48. Fabulous Me

    think outside of the CUBE-Cicle…

    nice puns… fun products… I love my scotch though… Back to the box.

  49. yomi lagos

    those ice cubes are unique and would add a great style to your drinking.love em al

  50. vincentius yoppy

    how i can get this ice cube tray??

  51. houriyah

    these are sooo cute

  52. thaisatan

    Super amazing, i must have them all!!!
    loved the cool jewels and the bullet ones specially

    thanx a lot :)

  53. Tiph

    While some of the them are slightly impractical (how could I get the snowflakes out without breaking the edges? :/ ), most of them are ingenious. I want the bullet ones, please!

  54. Jill

    where can you find this?!

  55. skateboard bearings guy

    this became a nice little niche market just about overnight, huh? the guitar with the stirstick built in has gotta be the wittiest.

  56. xeeshock


  57. rahul

    thts super-creative

    i think a better idea is to make ice shot glasses..

    ne 1 in for it?

  58. rachel

    the shooters are amazing!! especially when you use kool-aide; take a shot and take a bit for a chaser ;)

  59. dafne

    how do the ‘shooters’ work? does the thing inside float or does it flow w/ the water…? or is it photoshopped???

  60. Kaza

    Cool, frozen smiles is the best

  61. April

    the frozen shooters are also really good for making jello or candy shot glasses

  62. New York

    Seconding the frozen shooters idea…all of these are pretty clever. My favorite is an ice tray my girlfriend gave me of penguins. Some of these might be pretty unrecognizable (due to melting) by the time you get your drink served.

  63. meridian

    Cheerfully but probably not so conveniently, at me in the form of pazls I hardly pull out them…

  64. Sandy B.

    the false teeth or “frozen smiles” one is awesome!…they should use those at retirement homes…haha…

  65. Alice

    I actually own some Bone Chillers myself. :3
    Its really hard to get the crossbones out though… XD
    Oh well. They look lovely! :3

  66. Gabriela Edington

    the frozen smiles one is the best!!! hahaha loved it :D I wonder how we could find them in Brazil

  67. Megumi

    Ahaha, those denture ones are epic, XD

  68. Serius sam

    Tetris and AK-47 bullets kick’s ass

  69. FH

    hahahahahaha perfect!!!!

  70. Ty

    How can I get frozen smile ice trays?

  71. Sylvia

    Oh!It’s wonderful!I like them!
    I like “Fishbone” and “Guitar” best!
    But there is nobody sell it in China!
    I’m very sad..

  72. Irena

    I love these! How do you order?

  73. dum dum

    wOw. i just love the LEGO! the guitar looks so cool

  74. Cook66

    I have those Ice Shooter Glasses and they are horrible. It hurts to drink from them and they will slip away from you. They are also clunky.

    Might be more useful if you want to mix a drink with a shot and simply drop the entire thing in a glass.


    Cool bullets!!

  76. Colin Pickett

    cool bullets!

  77. usss


  78. Eva

    The invaders ones bring back some 80’s memories!!

  79. samkinkel

    Love the guitar ones!

  80. Andrea

    those are sooo cool. im going to try to find those at my stores

  81. bellal

    this is really cool i love the bullet one!!

  82. mimi

    this is so cool! want to have this right away

  83. cynthia

    frozen smile is soo awesome..

  84. tal

    really cool lol!<3

  85. gospel lady

    the golf ball looks like they move when u scroll down!!!i like all of them thats so cool

  86. mas

    2 damn Awusum!!!! i really lyk the tipsy toes, they r topS!!!

  87. hey

    i reallt want the cool shooters ice cube tray :D

  88. Christina

    Hi, do you have any in the shape of Vespa’s and Lambretta’s please.
    They all look fab.

  89. Courtney! :-)

    Does anyone know where you can get these they are sooo AWESOME! :-)

  90. petrena

    i own the space invaders ones the look awesome in water with different coloured cordial or dye in them i won them in a gaming place but online stores like geek stores have them

  91. victoriahanna

    you can buy most of these at a store near my house. i own the jewels ice cube tray, and they’re really hard to get out. i do not recommend anyone to buy them.

  92. Clifton

    Lobster shaped ice cubes ?

  93. ChEeSe


  94. 0803060.e

    the bullets are kool i want em lol … i think i’ve seen the ice invader ones at urban outfitters once lol

  95. al

    very creative, I would like a few of them. They would make great gifts!

  96. Michelle

    All of them are awesome to me. I wish they had one for baby shower punch.

  97. Kinoriiiiih

    The guitar and the lego ones rock :)

  98. Olivia

    I have the Frozen Smiles :’) They are so much fun!

  99. christina

    hahahaa i want the bullet ones and the gutar once im trying to get them off of amazon haha hehe and hi ever one who is on this looking at the ice cubes and dont for get TO TELL A FRIEND HAHA

  100. beth

    I must say these are amazing. Anyone can tell that these are just so freakin cool.

  101. valerie

    i love the guitar one! AND PRETTY MUCH ALL OF THEM!

  102. randy

    ok. gotta get the gangster style bullets. what stores would carry them in u.s.?

  103. hubub

    go titanic and frozen smiles

  104. anna

    Han Solo in carbonite is missing! :))

  105. EVIlQTip

    I am very impressed with your Ice cube trays Titonic and Snow flakes.. Love the frozzen shot glass wow just wow.
    Great at Parties and you do not need to wash the glass lol

    I want to know how do you make a mold of the Ice cube tray?

  106. Khrist Havok

    I’ve used the cool shooters but instead of water, I filled them with melting chocolate and made edible shot glasses and filled them with dessert liqueurs. Delicious.

  107. Ana Maria

    Do you have shamrock ice cubes for St. Patricks day???

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