Double Barrel Pistol

Double Barrel Pistol

Innovative handgun designed by Arsenal Firearms shoots two bullets at the same time.

AF2011-A1 is the world’s first industrial double barrel semiautomatic gun.

Double Barrel Handgun

Pistol Shoots Two Bullets

Handgun Shoots Two Bullets

Double Barrel Gun

Gun Shoots Two Bullets

Double Barrel Guns

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  1. LolaMonroe


  2. Immelmann

    Bit of an add thing for a design blog, but that’s still pretty neat.

  3. mi


  4. Mapache

    Yeah, but why? And what for?

  5. Pearl Lamie

    A waste of ammo!

  6. S.Dufresne

    Bad ass gangs’ta motha Fuc*a gun..

    unfortunately completely useless if only for supressive fire…

  7. Just Escaped

    Cool but completely pointless and serves no purpose what-so-ever, that I can think of anyway

  8. Douglas

    Double wide silliness. Gives new meaning to conceal/carry. Eight probably very inaccurate shots and a trigger guard thats more like a trigger shield. If this is about design, there are far better examples out there.

  9. Ryyx

    A pistol made for Two-Face

  10. kadal


  11. Shaun

    Chudofsky/Bloodofsky from The Hornet…

  12. martian

    Why is there no slo-mo in the video? Looks nice though – for a gun … But I don’t really see the point as well. If you you can talk of seeing a point in weapons anyway.

  13. Mel


  14. Rich Dufty

    Can I get one that shoots bubbles? (pointless)

  15. The Kenyan

    Awesome weapons….. Woke up this morning, I got myself a Second Century!

  16. Robert Gracie

    its the kinda gun Bloodnofski would have you know the guy from The Green Hornet film but he would have to have the Desert Eagle modelled together like that could you imagine the colossal recoil of that if some mad man built a double barrelled IMI Desert Eagle it would be insane!

  17. Dave!

    OUTLAW STAR COSPLAY!!! It also reminds me of a 4-barreled gun that Lassie had on Psych…

  18. DC

    I wonder what the grouping looks like; all over the place I bet. I agree it seems pointless as a defensive weapon, but as a novelty gun it’s smokin’.

  19. ahmad

    its a good idea but i think its very big and it isnt comfortable

  20. Bill

    Meh. All guns, but handguns in particular, are a perversion of technology.

  21. Doc

    Maybe good for Wanted2 the movie. They can try curving 2 bullets at once. Hahaha

  22. Santiago sassa


  23. Jeffrey

    But it’s too thick

    Not so portable…..

  24. ivanderjsk

    This is going to be my emergency weapon for the upcoming zombie apocalypse!!!

  25. Kimber 1:45..Thou shall not fear.

    It seems there are a number of comments from people that do not know,or have any use for them, have waisted space on your comments page. This pistol is a wonder of enginering. It has to be a effort to shoot very many rounds thru, but ill bet it is a kick to shoot. It looks as tho the recoil isnt much more than a standard 1911, due to its weight. There isnt any reason the grooping would be different than any 45. Depends on your experance.

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