10 Unusual and Creative USB Hubs

10 Unusual and Creative USB Hubs

Nowadays, USB hubs come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases our favorite examples of unusual and creative USB hub designs.

Transformer Laptop USB Hub

This creative USB hub transforms from a robot into a tiny laptop computer with 4 port USB hub.

Transformer Laptop USB Hub

Transformers USB Hub

49-port USB Hub

With this 49-port USB hub you will never have to worry about unplugging anything ever again.

49-port USB Hub

USB Hub Monster

A six-legged creature with the ability to hook up to USB devices through any and all of its highly adjustable limbs.

USB Hub Monster

Potato USB Hub

This unusual USB hub allows you to connect 4 different USB devices.

Potato USB Hub

R2-D2 USB Hub

This R2-D2 USB hub from Japan’s Cube-Works is a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

R2-D2 USB Hub

Cassette Tape USB Hub

Now you can power up all your USB devices with a blast from the past. There may no longer be tape hanging randomly from telegraph poles around the country anymore, but the icon can live on on your desktop.

Cassette Tape USB Hub

SNES Cartridge USB Hub

Creative USB hub inside a Mario Kart SNES cartridge.

SNES Cartridge USB Hub


Stackable LEGO USB hubs are available only from Korean retailer DCX for 15,920 KRW.


Glowing VHS Tape USB Hub

Learn how to create a USB hub from an old video tape.

Glowing VHS Tape USB Hub

Super Kid USB Hub

Super Kid USB 4-Port Hub allows users to connect USB devices via his hands and feet.

Super Kid USB Hub

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  1. Fred

    Wonder if the little Autobot will still work in robot mode… that would be double the sweet.

  2. Realizzazione Siti Web Bologna

    I love the LEGO USB Hub!!

  3. Nico

    the 49 port looks sick :P

    i want one ^^ with pens included :D

  4. FreelancerCrowd

    Just loved the monster :D

  5. Fumin

    There will always be a lego one.

  6. Torley

    Wouldn’t the 49-port one run into power problems? I have 7-port ones and they already have some intermittent flakiness.

  7. parisa afshin

    nice work! they look great, i love the lego one : )

  8. honour chick

    awesome and very creative. thanks for sharing this :)

  9. Michael Hearne

    5 volts at about 5 amps ought to do it!

  10. Mulchand

    Innovation! superb. I loved the Cassette tape one. Any idea where could we buy this?

  11. mort

    @Michael Hearne
    only if most of the devices are self-powered or low power. Technically, they’re allowed to draw 500mA, which would give you almost 25 amps to power the monster if all devices drew the max. Realistically, though, your 5A estimate isn’t bad considering the draw for most USB trinket lights/fans/humping dog things that would probably get plugged in to it.

  12. Om Ipit

    USB Hub Monster really cool… i love this one

  13. Caroline

    Mulchand, you can find the cassette one on eBay, and probably some other places too.


    The cassette one is real cool ! :)

  15. peter


  16. mari


  17. Jim Witt

    These are all so cool I would really enjoy the R2 D2 hub. These hubs would be great gifts as well.

  18. Jonas

    I like the casette, LEGO and super kid!:D

  19. Vishy


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