Innovative bicycle designed by Kolelinia combines running with cycling and allows people to run while they ride.

Lightweight and extremely compact bicycle does not have a seat. The user stands upright and turns the halfbike by simply leaning their body.

Half Bicycle

Half Bike


Stand Up Bicycle

Halfbike by Kolelinia

Kolelinia Halfbike

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  1. erwin

    why not a small bike steer instead of one bike handle?
    And a small saddle like stick half way up the steering pole would be nice to rest the legs once in a while.

  2. Kathy

    This is cool and looks like it would provide a great workout and be fun at the same time.

    The challenge with this type of totally new product is determining who it will appeal to the most and what it is that they’ll love about it, how they’ll use it. For something new, it’s often useful to ground the description in something familiar – in this case by likening it to a bike – but it’s really not a bicycle. So, the comparison sets up expectations – as Erwin (above) noted – and people start wondering where the other traditional bike features are.

    In this case, I’d say it’s really more like a Segway that’s self-propelled or a ‘sport’ Segway. I could see this taking off with the youth market, and with the athletic adults that love to try new things (i.e. those who ride recumbent bikes). And, it has more of a tricycle base. But, it’s not quite a scooter (i.e. Razor)…

    Since the user stands on the pedals – with all of their weight, I suspect that would get uncomfortable fairly quickly since the whole foot isn’t supported – perhaps foot platforms would be more comfortable (like those found on stationery exercise bikes).

    Overall, product naming, communications positioning and distribution will be key to the success of this product (I just can’t bring myself to call it a bike of any kind) – And of course, social buzz, like what is happening right here.

    Good luck to the team – it’s a neat idea!

  3. Gert

    Whoever invented this doesn’t remember standing while biking to get yup hills. It’s physically exhausting after a while.

  4. jimbo

    The concept is fascinating. erwin is right about the seat, not everyone is that athletically inclined to want to stand the entire time.

  5. JS

    If the device could fold up like the newly shown bike into something as easily transportable as an umbrella then, “Brava!” But as the trailer shows, it’s simply a great start that needs further realistic qualities/use in our day and age. I’m currently thinking of an Asian market and to how….. WOW… Wonderful!

  6. Swiper Fox

    A Full Bike is better than this half bike.
    A full bike can take you on a longer, and faster ride.
    Even when biking you can still rest since it got a seat.
    Also you can bring along a friend and stuffs as well.

  7. angerthosenear

    As a commuter unicyclist. I find this to be really exhausting, as others have said, pedaling without a seat is very tiring. If you want something small, might as well learn to ride a unicycle, it really isn’t that difficult. Sure it’ll take a couple weeks to figure out your balance, but so did learning to ride a bike.

    Plus, a commuter unicycle is so much faster and more nimble than these could ever be.

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