10 Coolest Roller Coasters

10 Coolest Roller Coasters

Collection of the world’s fastest, tallest and the most scariest roller coasters.

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster

Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, it is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. The train is launched by a hydraulic launch mechanism to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds.

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster

Vertical Velocity Roller Coaster

Located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, this roller coaster gives riders a sudden scare by stopping the train in mid-air.

Vertical Velocity Roller Coaster

Thunder Dolphin Roller Coaster

Steel roller coaster located at Tokyo Dome City Attractions park in Tokyo passes through a hubless Ferris wheel and a hole in the building.

Thunder Dolphin Roller Coaster

Expedition GeForce Roller Coaster

Located in Germany, the roller coaster train travels through a course of 1.2 kilometres long with seven periods of weightlessness.

Expedition GeForce Roller Coaster

Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coaster

Cool roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio rockets from 0 to 120 mph in 2.8 seconds.

Eejanaika Roller Coaster

Scary roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan features seats that rotate 360 degrees in a controlled spin.

Eejanaika Roller Coaster

Mantis Roller Coaster

Stand-up roller coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio designed to have the passengers stand through the course of the ride.

Mantis Roller Coaster

Ferrari Roller Coaster

GT roller coaster in Abu Dhabi sends two Ferrari F430 Spider carriages sprinting along twisting parallel tracks on a race to the finish line.

Ferrari Roller Coaster

Pedal Powered Roller Coaster

Skycycle coaster at Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama, Japan.

Pedal Powered Roller Coaster

Underwater Roller Coaster

Vanish roller coaster at Cosmo Land in Japan unexpectedly dives into an underwater tunnel.

Underwater Roller Coaster

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  1. Alysha

    Amazing! I would love to be able to ride on some of them! But the Kingda Ka Roller Coaster looks a bit too extreme for me lol

  2. hesabdroo

    so coooooooooooooool!

  3. simon

    woooooooooooooooooooooo that’s so cool man i love them all

  4. Vibha


  5. Joas

    Great stuff man!! We need that in Africa

  6. Cynthia

    I thought the Manta roller coaster in Seaworld Orlando was pretty cool too – Instead of seating, we were mounted as if “flying”, with our backs parallel to the track…It’s supposed to mimick the manta ray…

  7. psychodork

    I’ve been on Kingda Ka. It was over so quickly, but was such a rush. Going UP was the scary part.

  8. Nico

    And the Tatsu and X2… ??!!?

  9. Scherzyland

    This are nuts!! The Pedal Power Rollercoaster seems scary! lol.

  10. Brothajohn

    I hit the one in Yokohama before. It is a lot of fun. There is also a huge ferris wheel there and you can see all the way to Tokyo. Wow!

  11. Nikita Hengbok

    Wow! Looks exciting! ;D

  12. Diego

    Wow Wow Woooooohoooo !

  13. timmay

    omg!!! my cousin and i went on kingda ka, and the pedal powered one looks kool, so does under water and ferrari.

  14. Toasty O's

    As fast as the metal coasters go, wooden coasters are very scary due to the fact that they creak and sway.

  15. John Nawrocki

    If it ain’t wood it ain’t a roller coaster; and that’s the I see it. Hey Toasty O, check out The Beast and Son of Beast at King’s Island.

  16. Lelle

    I was at six flags in New Yersey last summer and prepared and excited for Kingda Ka but the stupid roller coaster was closed that day :(


    What if you’re not strong enough to go up one of the hills in the pedal one? Lol.

  18. Karin L.

    Really Cool!!!

  19. Tyron Bache

    I think I have just planned my next holiday!

  20. bunny

    kingda ka is half the size of the empire state building and you can see all the way to the New York City skyline if you look quick enough at the top!

  21. Kat

    I wish people would stop including Kingda Ka on lists like these. Six Flags directly ripped off Top Thrill Dragster after it was built and made it slightly taller and faster just to take away one of Cedar Point’s records (tallest + fastest coaster in the country). TTD came first and has an actual theme of drag racing cars. FWIW people pee their pants on TTD sometimes. The whole rideo only lasts 14 seconds.

  22. emmajane

    i’ve been to japan and so i’ve actually been on a pedal roller coaster before, though it wasn’t as long. I like how you can control the speed so you don’t go too fast!

  23. Adam

    Vertical Velocity pictured here is from Six Flags Great America. I’m a former employee from Discovery Kingdom and the corkscrew side at sfdk is at an angle due to Vallejo’s building height requirement. For being considered one of 10 coolest roller coasters it is not extremely popular.

  24. James Tillman

    Ummm, “X” the roller coaster came out well before Eejanaika, all the way back in 2002 as compared to Eejanaika coming out in 2006. X2 was then opened in 2008 and added music and fireballs. There’s the true innovation.

  25. Julia

    i have been on king da ka 13 times and it is the best ride ever !

  26. E-loch

    @Adam: I didn’t know that was the reason they angled Verticle Velocity. I went on both versions, and The first one was way better. Heck the whole park was better back when it was Marine World…

  27. emmajane

    @Cynthia I also road on manta too except at the end you hang above a platform which tires you out. Best roller coaster ever!

  28. Andy Stuart

    these rollercoasters are alright, but i travelled the world and went on every rollercoaster and the best one was the caterpiller probuarlly, becuase it was soo fast beacuase i moded it with a jet pack!!!

  29. Kelly

    I wanna ride that Roller coaster that goes underwater!!!!!!!!

  30. Sabrina

    the last one is very unsafe

  31. Candy

    Dangerous, but fun. I want to ride the water one and the selfpowered one.

  32. Blitz

    It would be awesome to ride them all,Without a seatbelt or handle!!!

  33. Elan

    Kingda Ka was awesome. That Vertical Velocity one looks scary though. I really wish I could try the underwater one!

  34. joe

    Most Of These Look Like Rides From Our Cedar Point In OHio

  35. Mary

    I thought kingda ka was in New Jersey not California???

  36. Christine

    Kingda Ka is in NJ it’s correct on the list. The vertical Velocity is listed as CA. Kingda Ka is the only one on this list I’ve been on but it is awesome. I really need to venture from the east coast and check out some of these others.

  37. Alina

    What if you were to fat to fit in the Ferrari one would you get wet on the water coaster. LOL:)

  38. x101

    I would love to go on the under water roller coaster and the Ferrari roller coaster but the Vertical Velocity roller coaster, i would be yelling over everybody.

  39. seth

    that picture of vertical velocity (v2) is not of the one in california it is of the one in six flags great america in illinois. the california one is orange and red/purple where the one in illinois (the one shown on here) is yellow and blue. ive stood in the line shown in the picture WAY to many times to not know which one it is.

  40. jerome

    …breathtakingly awesome…cheers! i’m looking forward to try one of these rides… ;)

  41. Michael

    I would luv to ride the vanish roller coaster becuz I love roller coasters and Japan

  42. hubub

    i would love 2 go on all of them roller coaster freak

  43. Vivian Mcmahon

    the underwater tunnel roller coaster is thrilling me! awesome and exciting! too bad we can’t see what the tunnel looks like! whoever engineered this roller coaster is genuis! bravo to them! if only we had a coaster like that in the US. i’d get a seasonal pass for me and my kids :)

  44. Jen

    Have been on Kingda Ka several times. Live about 30 minutes from Six Flags NJ. Used to hold season passes until the doc said my hubby’s heart can’t take that excitement any more.

    He’s great when we travel. He stands on the sidelines holding my purse and other loose objects while I ride alone…. But rarely do I get to Six Flags anymore.

    I wonder how those coasters weathered the earthquake/tsunami in Tokyo?

  45. melissa

    i went on kingda ka this past summer its not bad at all everyone says its so scary but once you get to the top your ok :)

  46. dennis

    been 4x on Kingda Ka with the son, the scary part is when you are catapulted from bottom to top but after that…nada. should try Nitro when you visit Six Flags in NJ. in my opinion it is scarier than Kingda Ka!!

  47. James

    You should try the the Coaster in Play Land. In 2002 it was one of the worlds tip 10 rolled coasters. It was nominated because it gives the feeling that the only thing keeping you from falling out is your grip on the lap restraint.

    PS Even though the ride roller coaster feels dangerous no inherited have occurred.

  48. Behemoth Conquerer

    I’ve always wanted to do the underwater one in Japan! But I also love Canada’s Wonderland. I’ve been on 11/16 roller coasters there! ^_^

  49. Sheneil

    Of the 10 i rode on Kingda ka. I loved it, it was awesome. I now want to try the vertical thingy in California and of course the underwater ride in Japan

  50. Hayley

    Wow I would go on eny of thease rides just for fun

  51. Anna

    Have Gravol, will ride…. my stomach just hasn’t been the same since having kids but I still ride, provided I’m drugged beforehand! LOL

    I think I better make my bucket list into a trip to ride as many amazing rollercoasters as I can before I get too old and my doctor stops me!

  52. Aaron

    omg i went on vertical velocity the other day and it was frickin awesome! i went on it like 5 time :D

  53. Brooke

    I dont get the big deal abotu the underwater one? Kings Dominion’s Anaconda has been doing that since the early 90’s. And is a better roller coaster cause it goes upside down a few times

  54. megan

    cool stuff

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