Innovative Folding Bicycle Design

Innovative Folding Bicycle Design

Contortionist is an innovative bike design by Dominic Hargreaves that folds to fit inside the circumference of its 26 inch wheels.

According to the designer, “a bike that folds rather than a folding bike was the initial aim.”

Innovative Folding Bike Design

Innovative Folding Bicycle

Innovative Folding Bike

Contortionist Folding Bike Video

The Contortionist Folding Bicycle

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  1. Chantelle

    How can I get one of these?

  2. Pete Kuchnicki

    This is so cool. He should enter it in Spark!

  3. SteveO

    Nice. Now only if it had a chain and gears. And brakes.

  4. lily

    steveo i think it still works

  5. TomS

    In a sense like 19th century bikes, with which one could coast but not peddle. The video shows him rolling it when folded. I hope it’s not too heavy to carry.

  6. kelven cheah


  7. Matt

    How does the drivetrain work? No chain.

  8. Horia Dragomir

    I. Want. One!

  9. roro

    Hey it has been recorded in London, at the Albert’s Memorial ^^

  10. Betty Cires

    Great idea. May be the beginning of a new generation of bicycles !

  11. tech-mad

    certainly good for city-dweller where it’s cumbersome to lug up and down stairways or squeeze into elevators with annoyed passengers.

    puma makes something similar although it doesn’t fold up quite so astonishingly compactly as this one does.

  12. Karin L. Stewart

    This folding bike has great design. My father had one years ago that had a smaller wheel that was unsafe but this design eliminated that problem and is much more stylish to boot! Peddle on!

  13. itsbrandnew

    pretty awesome!

  14. Kirvi Inci

    These are not new in any sense of the word. I have had one sitting in my shed since I was about 8 years old and I am 23. Atleast mine has peddles and a chain on it.

  15. Numanul Subhani

    This is very brilliant and innovative idea. Certainly it will attract more bicylcle riders which will help to reduce green-house gas emission.

  16. MsUnreliable

    Brompton, Dahon, Birdee etc all make great folding bikes complete with chains, gears and fairly compact folding designs. In fact, I’d guess that some are even more compact than this design, especially as many feature 16 inch wheels.

    Where there is a market for this design is if it’s a single speed design, if the frame is incredibly light and if the price is incredibly low. Without at least 2 of those elements, this is sadly just another reinvented wheel, so to speak.

  17. Nina

    How does it fold the front wheel? it moves quickly and fluently. awesome!!

  18. testpilot

    you never see him pushing those pedals in the video

    I guess he hasn’t quite worked out the propulsion just yet

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