3D Art made from Book Covers

3D Art made from Book Covers Allen

Thomas Allen creates unique three-dimensional art by cutting out characters from old pulp fiction book covers and positioning them into action scenes.

This wonderful art was inspired by the classic pop-up books. To see more work by the artist, purchase Thomas Allen’s Uncovered book. [order]

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For more inspiration, check out: Art Carved into Books

  1. MochiPu

    wowh! awesome!

  2. Demi Pietchell

    What a great idea! These are wonderful!

  3. Jill

    Woah. Amazing. Makes me want to reach for all my old books and the scissors!

  4. Sharyn

    I normally get all upset at the idea of destroying books, but these are just brilliant!

  5. Sheel

    Brilliant work!

  6. Art of Concept

    So wonderful! Fantastic!

  7. Tom Allen

    Hello! A friend just forwarded this to me. You are my new best friend! Thank you for the wonderful plug and for being a fan. I am seriously humbled!!! – Thomas (Tom) Allen

  8. TiAtCafe

    That is amazing!!!

  9. Lillian Davenport-Partac

    Holy moly! The things people think of.

  10. Ross

    So basically what he does is cuts out the artwork (poorly), and photographs it with a shallow depth of field? I’m unimpressed.

  11. Raads

    @ Ross, LOL!!!!!! I personally think that too,, but i was told, if you cant do any better, dont critisize!

  12. Gert

    Something tells me Ross is not a fan of Andy Warhol either.

  13. Yuk

    Wow. The use of depth of field in the photos really accentuate the art. Nice work.

  14. James Anzalone

    Really nice, I feel like they are mostly effective if photographed this way? probably not so much if displayed any other way…

  15. Maoh.

    That´s the guy who made the cover for Born Ruffians´s Red Yellow & Blue.
    Great work, great music.

  16. jah

    looks like the artist used a tiltshift filter for the 3d effect

    these are spectacular!

  17. Arabian

    love it =)

  18. Will

    @Ross Sorry to hear that you were unimpressed. We should look into getting the whole post removed since it’s main goal was to impress you, which it obviously failed at. I can’t wait to see your latest collection of impressive work that you are so well known for.

  19. MyBike

    There is a great short picture and word essay on some of these by the literary critic Seamus Deane in the Field Day Review from 2008.

  20. Anne Doble

    I can almost feel the inspirational moment that set you off!

  21. Anne Doble

    Oh & Ross: you have to have the creative inspiration to think of ideas like these in the first place & then the motivation to do it. Many say they ‘they could do it’, but few actually do.Having done 3D work myself, I can tell you that the process in itself is no mean feat & you need knowledge & the ability to portray artistic perspective to get it right.

  22. Jada

    Love love love this! Where can I buy one?

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