Creative and Unusual Bike Designs

Creative and Unusual Bike Designs

Collection of creative and unusual bicycle designs from around the world.


Innovative folding bike that weighs only 5.5 kilograms (12 lb) and folds to 67x30x16 cm – small enough to fit in a backpack.


A-Bike 2

Gismo Rocket Powered Bicycle

It is powered by two 75lb. Thrust Hybrid Rocket Motors. The frame is made of lightweight T6-6061 aircraft aluminum. “Gismo” features a unique front suspension system designed by Michaelson.

Gismo Rocket Powered Bicycle

Plus Bicycle

Plus bike designed by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi from Dovetusai – the frame actually contain the front and back lights.

Plus Bicycle

Plus Bicycle 3

Unique Wooden Bicycle

Jens Eichler got himself some sheets of beech plywood, along with a strong glue and some power tools. After a few months of playing with the concept, he set to work in August 2006 on what would become a tandem bicycle he calls “Renovatia.”

Unique Wooden Bicycle

Unique Wooden Bicycle 2

Urban Bicycle Concept

Unique foldable bike with no chains (or even chain equivalents like drive shafts). Instead, it is hydraulic powered. No chain = no grease, no hanging bits as you fold bikes, fewer parts and less maintenance.

Foldable Urban Bicycle Concept

Tong City Bicycle Concept

This bike features all-in-one housing for the brake system, drivetrain, shock absorbers and gears, where integrated light tubes (customizable in any color you like) are located on the bike itself to increase your visibility.

Tong City Bicycle Concept

Olympic Rings Bicycle

A Beijing resident was promoting the Olympic games by cycling around the city on his own unique bike, decorated with the five Olympic rings.

Olympic Rings Bicycle

Polygon Bike Concept

Polygon bike design concept inspired by a music player.

Polygon Bike Concept

Polygon Bike Concept 2

Sandwich Bike

Currently in prototype stage, the bike frame is made of two wooden plates, and four identical ‘smart cylinders’. It ships flat and can be assembled at home with a single tool.

Sandwich Bike

Oryx Bicycle Concept

Oryx is an innovative time trial bike with a one-sided fork and chain-stay. Due to its Y-frame shape, it’s comfortably shock-proof without loosing ground contact.

Oryx Bicycle Concept

Oryx Bicycle Concept 2

Taurus Bicycle Concept

The Taurus bike has a unique design that always keeps the body in a leaning forward position. The bike seems perfect to tone legs with innovative pedals. Pedaling these is more like climbing stairs than anything else.

Taurus Bicycle Concept 2

One – Folding Bicycle Concept

When open, ‘One’ is a comfortable stylish bicycle that not only offers all the benefits of cycling, but with its revolutionary power assist system the user can cruise around with ease. When folded, ‘One’ turns into a smooth, light and compact case free of all dirty and protruding parts.

One Folding Bicycle

Walking Bike

Creative walking bike that actually works.

Walking Bike

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  1. Jorge

    There are some wild designs out there… :)

  2. yomi sopein

    That is why i love,you guys will not stop tanterlizing me with out of this world great designs.The designs really reflect how wonderfull human mind can be if put to proper use than terrorism.

    Pls, do me a great favour,where and how can buy some of this unique products as collectibles.?

    prompt response will be highly appreciated,thanks


    We included links to each design/product. Some of them are for sale and some are just concepts. Just follow the links if you want to buy them.

    Thank You

  4. Luis

    that last bike must be very expensive because of all the shoes eheh :) but still very nice

  5. John A. Ardelli

    Apparently, the guy who designed that last one couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to go for a walk or a ride… :P

    I think my favorite here is the Plus Bicycle; it’s about time bikes CAME with the lights the law requires for night riding… ;)

  6. alan

    thanks – cool bikes
    the plus bike John likes has a serious weak spot at the + i think. Lots of stress there.

  7. Andi

    Nice article. I especially like the clean lines of the Plus bike.
    We did a similar article too with 2 other bikes not mentioned here:

  8. Pavan Kumar

    Nice collection.. cool ones :)

  9. Joel

    You left out the treadmill bike

    and others on the site (couch bike, hula bike, etc.)

  10. female model

    I want the bikes, they can do wonders with nanotubs now..

  11. ntopics

    All these bikes are cool. My favorite is the
    Gismo Rocket Powered Bicycle, but its probably
    out of my price range. I may be able to afford the
    Oryx Bicycle Concept. What a great list of bikes.

    thanks from tony

  12. Flamejob

    You forgot the Brompton! Crazy good design, customizable, super efficient and every day useable.

    Ooh… And the Pashley Guvnor, awesomly cool!

  13. jack

    @ alan:

    Nope. It’s just simply a basic, symmetrical context of a cantilevered beam, which yes, will experience stress (All rigid materials do) but, given the closeness of the seat tube to the joint, and size of the tube diameter in general, the stress won’t be nearly enough to cause concern. To more experienced eyes it’s evident they’ve already taken necessary engineering precautions.

  14. Vesta

    some bikes are realy interesting but some look unusable.don’t you think so?

  15. Mehran Ahmadiyan

    That’e very nice

  16. Sina

    Yes, Yes…
    I want one of those girls with bike too! :)

  17. bia2khabar

    soo funny…

  18. care

    These bikes is so powerful for designing and decorating purpose, because these bikes not run on fastest road.

  19. akdeniz türkü

    these are so nice, first one is my best :)

  20. =Maria=

    Kewl web site …keep up the good work

  21. George

    Very interesting site.

    Nice pictures

  22. alex

    wooooooooooooooooow those are awesomo

  23. ifay

    a-bike same with mee

  24. esaam

    ammaizing ideas…..

  25. sinan demir

    ha ha … very nice.. (: bikemania …..

  26. prashant

    nice designes

  27. evan

    oddball bike designs lol

  28. Austiran

    pretty awewsome!

  29. ken

    I have a few design ideas but no way to get them out

  30. Scirocco

    Nice collection.. cool ones

  31. Rick

    Thisokinjg at this webage, I am fascinated by the bike designs, the human mind is at work. I especially love the wooden bike, only I would like it for one person. I love the idea where the lights are incorporated in the bike frame, novel idea and much needed as wel

  32. hong

    The Walking Bike look like very hard to ride…

  33. shanan tendulkar

    tats amazing……..
    the Shoes Bicycle is the most.superb.

  34. sanju

    nice bicycle

  35. Frank

    That shoe bike isn’t designed right.
    the shoes should meet each other , not overlap.

  36. netazmoon

    creative minds creates creative kinds

  37. Duane

    not as good as the bike oncept I have coming! Look out triathletes!!!

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