Light Bulb Door Handle

Light Bulb Door Handle Concept

Knob Light LED door handle concept designed by Jeong-Sun Park promises to safely guide you to your door during an emergency or when you simply have to go to the bathroom at night.

Light Bulb Doorknob Concept

Light Bulb Door Knob Concept

Light Bulb Knob Light Concept

Light Bulb Knob Light

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  1. Maksimo

    TBH, some sorta glow in the dark strip that outlined the door would be more effective in an ememrgency or for those pesky late night toilet trips. And besides, you’d be sh*t scared to touch it, incase it either broke or it was hot! lol

  2. Nate

    It wouldn’t be hot; even though it’s the shape of a regular lightbulb it says it’s an LED.

    As for it breaking, I’d suspect they would consider this and make it out of something stronger than the glass used for typical lightbulbs.

  3. Mika

    Well to me it would work like one of those flashlights…if its plugged in and the power is cut, they turn on while still hanging from the wall. Alternatively, you can have it always on by putting it into “night light” mode…

    I have one of those flashlights, so if you could somehow rig this door and handle in that same manner, I think it would be pretty awesome.

  4. Graydian

    hahahaaa… knob. anyways. i think its a great idea.

  5. Karin Stewart

    This is REALLY cool! Would save lots of lives in a quick escape. They need to have door knobs in light bulb lever style for the arthritic hands, too!

  6. rubia

    i love the idea about the lighted railing

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