Portable Closet Suitcase

Portable Closet Suitcase

Innovative suitcase easily transforms into a portable closet with four shelves.

ShelfPack luggage with integrated clothing shelves. No need to unpack.

Closet Suitcase

Portable Closet


Closet Luggage

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  1. John

    It’s better than television! (Apparently.)

  2. Rob

    LMAO!! John, I was thinking the exact same thing!

  3. Siggynine

    They do seem pleased.

    Hotels usually have closets, but I could see it’s usefulness in other situations.

  4. AnilinA

    I really liked it…having with different partitiions.
    One moew gr8 idea!!

  5. criticaleye

    Looks neat, but the added weight and decreased capacity may be problematic.

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