Animal Toothpaste Heads

Animal Toothpaste Heads

Creative toothpaste heads designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth.

It is a lot easier to brush your teeth when you are smiling! [order]

Toothpaste Oscar

Toothpaste Covers

Toothpaste Heads

Toothpaste Head

Toothpaste Pete

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  1. Gonzo

    Great! :D

  2. Mr. Great

    How does a cat with toothpaste coming out of it’s mouth help kids brush their teeth? And they cost $5! Who though to this idea?

  3. JLH

    Gonna have to question which is more disgusting: pet vomit toothpaste or this as a use of Earth’s resources. This gives me the jibblies.

  4. Rahul - Web Guru

    oopz this does not seem cool at all. yuck

  5. kijahfbasds


  6. superdit

    Good for children

  7. Critical Eye

    errr… better than the toothpaste coming out the other end.

  8. maddox

    Oh these are delightful fun! And I love their hand muffled mortified little expressions.

  9. M@rtin

    do you think that it would work with human vomit?

  10. Mr. Great

    What is this teaching kids?

  11. Karen

    hey, dont question the minds of little ones. and plus, theyr super cute! just cause you might be 40 years old doesnt mean the little preschoolers dont love this!

  12. CrazyGentleMan

    Cool for funny person !!

  13. mari

    Love the idea!

  14. Reilly

    Looks more disturbing. Why’d you want the image of some animal regurgitating while brushing in your mouth? It’d make some people want to do the same.

  15. FoxyBoxers

    come on, kids just love anything that isnt normal. its cute…

  16. txn

    wow, so cute!
    i like it!

  17. Margaret

    these are so cute =)

  18. whitelake90


  19. heather

    kids?? i thought this was funny for adults too!
    didn’t even think about kids…

  20. anonymous

    this is actually kind of gross…

  21. Jessica

    Is this supposed to MAKE kids want to brush their teeth? If it was me, I’d stop wanting to brush my teeth.

  22. Kaye

    I want one!

    Stop worrying about what it may or may not be teaching kids and have some fun! There are too many social rules nowadays.

    But hey, haters gonna hate.
    It surely won’t ruin my fun.

  23. Sellum

    It’s creative.

    At least it doesnt come with brown toothpaste.

  24. ebh

    for all the critics on this blog…this toothpaste head completely changed tooth brushing time for our child. The instant we introduced it to him, he was hooked. He has brushed his teeth without fuss everytime ever since the toothpaste head appeared! He loves it! I highly recommend it to parents. What a difference it made!

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