15 Cool Gadgets for your Bathroom

15 Cool Gadgets for your Bathroom

Collection of useful bathroom gadgets and creative inventions designed to make our lives easier and more efficient.

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad

This cool waterproof notepad allows you to write down your ideas while you are in the shower. [buy]

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad

Goatee Shaver

Innovative grooming tool designed to give you the perfect goatee every time you shave. [buy]

Goatee Shaver

Shower Mic

Not only is it a useful sponge for washing up, but it also has the uncanny ability to unleash your inner Sinatra.

Shower Mic

Toothpaste Dispenser

Easy to operate, just press the button and the toothpaste comes out.

Toothpaste Dispenser

Magnet Soap Holder

Cool soap holder with magnet claw to match your modern bathroom.

Magnet Soap Holder

Robot Toothbrush Holder

Fun plastic robots, complete with a suction cup back and two very helpful robot hands for holding toothbrushes, razors or just about anything. [buy]

Robot Toothbrush Holder

Help! Drain Stopper

Creative rubber drain plug for your sink with a quirky twist.

Help Drain Stopper

Soap Dispenser

This cool dispenser for liquid soap comes with a stainless steel support and disposable clear container.

Soap Dispenser

Shower Stickers

Designed by Sun-ah Sin, these stickers are made from a rubbery material that will stick to any surface. Just slip your shower hose thru and move it anywhere you like.

Shower Stickers

Mirror Swipe

Is your bathroom mirror steamed up again? Just give it a Swipe.

Mirror Swipe

Smiley Face Toothbrush Holder

This clever toothbrush holder puts a happy face on dental hygiene. [buy]

Smiley Face Toothbrush Holder

Slip No More

To ensure a sure-footed shower, peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower stall.

Slip No More

Toothpaste Squeezer

Say goodbye to wasted toothpaste with this convenient squeezer.

Toothpaste Squeezer

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Just squeeze or press it and green shower gel oozes out of the right nostril. Gross and funny at the same time. [buy]

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Animal Toothpaste Heads

Cool toothpaste heads made to encourage kids to brush their teeth. [buy]

Animal Toothpaste Heads

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  1. Ty

    Some very innovative and creative ideas, although I think the “Swipe” one is a tad trivial- it’s too small to justify using it compared to a towel or even your arm to wipe the mirror. I really like the AquaNotes, however.

  2. GustaveCo

    lol @ the goatee shaver.

  3. Jamface

    @Ty Well, a lot of it seems a “tad” trivial. For example, the robot toothbrush holder, and the sponge in the shape of a mic.

  4. will

    well, with the swipe, you don’t have to worry about towel dust and your arm oil getting on the mirror, its just a squeegee

  5. Blaine

    all of this is awesome

  6. chelseafc

    Hmmm, some of these, like the toothpaste dispenser, are the epitome of lazy.

  7. Buba

    Magnet Soap Holder – it’s nothing new.
    In Poland is very popular.
    but I think that Toothpaste Squeezer is very creative and usefull. And obviously economy! I like it.

  8. Aarti Harish

    I liked each one of these….I want them all…!!

  9. Hesam

    How much beautiful !

  10. Manish Ahuja

    Hehehe… imagine all of them in one single bathroom and you have the geekiest bathroom of them all.

    Manish Ahuja ;)

  11. latincrow

    loving the shower mic

  12. aaron

    good stuff, drain stopper very funny-
    I think the shower mic photo is ” unleashing your inner Bono” not Sinatra

  13. Dan

    The giant nose soap dispenser is just ridiculous

  14. Shawie

    Hahaha this is funny, i love the big nose dropping shampoo :)

  15. Kat

    how would soap be magnetic and stick to the magnet???

  16. gabii


  17. todd

    Banana is genius.

  18. cheeseLOL

    Got the Smiley toothbrush holders – they are craptacularly bad at staying anywhere useful. Ours are presently scattered on the bathroom bench…FAIL.

  19. Jimbo77

    Lol! Like the nose dispenser :)
    But the magnetic soap has been around for ages…

  20. Mask

    most of these are pretty cool :)
    i saw that nose soap dispenser… pretty cool

  21. Karin

    Looks like play time in the tub for someone LOL!!!

  22. Buba

    Kat: In Poland we do it in this way:
    Take bottle cap, put into the soap. And this is it.
    It’s working. Try.

  23. Marcin

    Magnet Soap Holder was known in Poland even 20 years ago :)

  24. Chuck Wilkerson

    Great list of gadgets! One thing that caught my eye are the animal head toothpaste covers. My 1 1/2 y.o. grandson
    would love them.

  25. Maeve

    I love the cat barf toothpaste. Also the IV soap dispenser too. Love it.
    But cool- once you say it’s been around in Poland once– you don’t need to say it fourteen more times! Cool! I care so much!

  26. alipali

    i especially like the animal toothpaste heads

  27. LOLa

    i want the nose soap thingy and the AquaNotes Thing!!!!!!!!!!

  28. filly

    love the nose dispenser – agree with the comment – they would all make the quirkiest bathroom – probably keep the kids in their getting clean.

  29. Cassie

    funny, economic and creative, Gorgeous!

  30. Moi

    Stumbled from Ontario Canada!

  31. Reilly

    It’s called Touch ‘N’ Brush.

  32. bailee

    stumbled from North Carolina I love the bannana no slip thingy

  33. NicB

    I’ve been using a Smiley toothbrush holder for years in my travel kit – just stick it on either the tile wall or the mirror over the sink. Works everytime, and makes the hotel maids smile!

  34. GregE

    My son would love those toothpaste heads and the robot toothbrush holder.

  35. jobless_guy

    the nostril dispenser is great…and funny

    i especially like the toothpaste squeezer

  36. Spurious_Ethos

    I bet they are all manufactured in China! Over priced junk, we’re in a recession here people. Wouldn’t sell in Canada anyhow, it’s too cold to shower. Sell us hockey sticks or pucks or skates…. how do you say that in Chinese?

  37. Parul

    Nice :)

  38. Ninja Smitt

    Definitely the Nose Dispenser!!! HAHA, my wife will hate me,,gotta order it!

    stumbled from Baltimore!!! Ravens & O’s!!

  39. Adi Hadi

    Here in China, the toothpaste squeezer you get thrown after you in case you don’t close the door. You Yankees don’t pay real money for it?

  40. sky

    i want them ALL lol

  41. Juliet

    I want that nose gel dispenser..lol

  42. jeanne herawati

    so nice!

  43. un known


  44. sherie

    Magnetic soap holders have been used in my bathroom in Toronto since the 70’s. I first saw them in Holland and they were manufactured by the Zack company, which is German, I believe. They still make them.

  45. ea

    yay for giant nose!

  46. John Lee

    I would totally rock most of these in my bathroom lol

  47. J R Queen

    Where can these items be bought at?

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