Flying Car with Retractable Wings

Flying Car with Retractable Wings

Terrafugia Transition is an innovative aircraft that transforms into a car in less than 30 seconds by folding up its wings.

In vehicle form, this $194,000 toy will easily fit inside a standard garage and can be safely driven at highway speeds.

Car with Retractable Wings

Transition Flying Car

Terrafugia Flying Car

Terrafugia Transition Car

Terrafugia Transition

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

Flying Car

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  1. James Anzalone

    the idea is really fun and cool..

    but its so damn ugly looking.

  2. DDS

    anyone see the side mirrors?

  3. good point

    ummm nop, good point


    Don’t worry you guys, there are really cool ones going on the market in like 2011 or 12/

  5. Betty

    It’s so cute!

  6. Raads

    but its so damn ugly looking << totally agree!!!!! its a really sweet idea but…well…

  7. Mahesh

    Wow! What a fantastic flying machine! I like the fact that it is so compact. In fact, even without its folding wings, it could just as well become a good small personal plane. I like it. I want one. Does it come in orange or green or a color of my choice? :D

  8. Scott

    I don’t know a whole lot about aerodynamics and planes but I don’t see where its power is coming from while its in flight… right now it just looks like a fancy glider to me. The video only shows is achieving low altitude from its own powered take off and the shots of it being a bit higher don’t show it taking off or landing so it may have been towed and released by another plane. I just don’t see a turbine or prop of any kind on it anywhere.

  9. Joel

    There’s a prop on the rear.

  10. Paul

    Make it into a boat / sea plane and I’m sold


    Like I said there are cooler ones, plus ones where it’s all slick like a lambroghini or summin, and the wings fold in sideways so you can hardly see them, you can take off and land at any private airport or any place that you own, then drive around and look cool. =P

  12. Pete

    I can’t believe people are saying it’s ugly.

    Reminder: It’s a FLYING CAR. O.M.G :)

    It could look like a Pontiac Aztec and I’d probably still want one (well, maybe )


  13. Doug

    Good bit of tech, but it looks like it needs a LOT of work. It looks pretty sketchy on landing and takeoff, plus, on the cockpit shots when the car is in flight…is the steering wheel tied up with rope to keep it straight?????? Also the wing unfolding mechanism doesn’t look too smooth… Think I’ll wait for the 2nd gen…

    P.s. Cockpit! lol

  14. Justin

    SNORE. These things/ideas/concepts been around for decades. Someone builds one, we laugh, forget about it, then someone builds one again, we laugh harder, forget about it, and so on..

    Flying cars will never be mainstream. However, keeping one in case of some sort of disaster, like the poles shifting or something, would be a good idea.

    By the way, I’m still waiting for a viable rocket pack. Not some giant plane strapped to your back.

  15. Julie

    I agree with Pete, its a freakin’ flying car!

  16. Julie

    @Doug, had a look at the video on Youtube and someone asked about the wheel/rope, they said on some test runs they had to hold the front wheel straight to test the impact so I’m guessing its not a permanent feature, which is a bit more reassuring! :)

  17. enav

    i like the idea of being in my yard doing some barbecue and suddenly a dam drunk flying car driver land in my roof… not nice

  18. Heru

    It’s not a car with wings, it’s a plane with wheels..

  19. Gonçalo

    Something happened to the weel covers… and nobody has seen it!
    look at the last 3 pictures!

  20. Rodo


  21. kenakaylenelambeth-morris

    I think it looks awesome,does it come in red? Itkinda looks like it would be front often would you have to fill it?

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