Life-Size Model Kit Boat

Life Size Model Kit Boat

Inspired by playing with model kits as a child, Michael Johansson decided to transform the real boat into a model of itself.

The boat and related equipment were first welded into a metal frame and then painted white to resemble the surface of a plastic model kit.

Model Kit Boat

Boat Model Kit

Life Sized Model Kit Boat

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  1. Mr.Great

    And the point of this is?


  2. Megan

    Very Cool! I remember assembling plastic model kits when I was little.

  3. Final

    @Mr.Great Cut assembly price?

  4. Paul Sample

    that’s awesome!!!

  5. tiny house

    So, this is for? I really don’t get it but I find it cool.

  6. Chad

    The string on the second photo being used to hold the boat in place looks minute and I don’t buy the perspective on the last photo. If this is a life size model why not put real people in the boat to demonstrate the scale? Also, why not place the boat right next to a real boat instead of across the bay?

  7. Eric

    Duchamp would be proud

  8. Anonymous

    @Mr.Great I swear, over the past few posts you are being so skeptical about these items. Relax a little and appreciate these works!

  9. Karin L. Stewart

    Is this cheaper than the real deal or just something for a crafty person to play with???

  10. Dan

    @Mr. Great: Why are you still coming to this website? 99% of the crap on here has no real-world application. It’s a design showcase. The point of this particular post was to show a unique and interesting design. You clearly don’t get it.

  11. Mr.Great

    To clear up all of the confusion, I did not intend my comment to have been interpreted this way. In my comment I said “And the point of this is?” I meant what is the point of this artistically. As in, How does taking a toy boat and scaling it up make it art?


  12. Karen

    well, its cool. and since when did majority of the stuff on here do with art? like the car concepts or pen concepts or whatever. its on here because its COOOOOL!

  13. Mr.Great

    Quote, Karen-

    “well, its cool. and since when did majority of the stuff on here do with art? like the car concepts or pen concepts or whatever. its on here because its COOOOOL!”

    Some people call it art some people call it cool.


  14. Niyari

    it’s for your own interpretation, and your not very abstract about the concept of art.

  15. Morty

    It’s quite obvious that Mr. Great is a troll so just stop replying to him and he’ll go away.

  16. Mr.Great

    What you said is stereotype about trolls. Not that I am one.

    TROLL – An array language for continuous simulation, econometric modeling or statistical analysis.


  17. Kirvi Inci

    Funny how everyone is so quick to jump on Mr. Great but nary a soul says anything about Chad’s comment.

    Personally, I agree with both. While yes it is fun to look at and I am sure it took effort and whatnot to come up with and create. I see no real point to it all. To some degree, art needs to have a point, and this one is lacking one. Just because it is bigger does not make it a piece of art. WHY does it need to be bigger? What is the point of it all? These are the questions we should ask ourselves. If they have no reasonable answer, than it cannot be art.

  18. aussie-notario

    I don’t beileve this is real size because of the fact that they didn’t put it next to the real boat and the fact that the ripples in the water should look alot smaller next to a boat of “real size”.

    although it still looks cool, its kind of the same thing as the snap apart dinner set.


  19. James Anzalone

    @Eric You’re right!

    @Mr.Great Its not about functional design, its clearly an art piece.

    .. I mean I suppose you could jump on in and float around, but surely that isn’t the point..

    I like it :)

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