10 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

10 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

Collection of the most creative and interesting cell phone concepts designed by talented people from all over the globe.

Weather Cell Phone Concept

Beautiful cell phone concept design by Seunghan Song accurately detects and illustrates present weather conditions. [more]

Weather Cell Phone Concept

Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept

Designed by Aleksander Mukomelov, this cell phone comes with a large touchscreen, that is located inside the phone in the collapsed state.

Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept

Projector Cell Phone Concept

Cool extra slim concept cell phone equipped with rotating screen with built-in projector; an ideal tool for field presentations.

Projector Cell Phone Concept

Alarm Clock Cell Phone Concept

Sony Ericsson WakeUpPhone looks and functions like an alarm clock that will wake you up in the morning.

Alarm Clock Cell Phone Concept

Pen Cell Phone Concept

Target-shaped areas on top and bottom are earpiece and receiver.

Pen Cell Phone Concept

Edge Cell Phone Concept

Designed by Chris Owens, the transparent touchscreen keypad is edge lit by internal LED’s.

Edge Cell Phone Concept

Grass Cell Phones

Green mobile phones designed to last only for the length of its functional life cycle, they fall apart for easy recycling after two years are up.

Grass Cell Phone Concept

Mechanical Cell Phone Concept

Cell phone designed by Mikhail Stawsky will charge its battery when you spin it around your finger.

Mechanical Cell Phone Concept

Flexible Cell Phone Concept

Beautiful wrist concept cell phone designed by Shirley A. Roberts.

Flexible Cell Phone Concept

Ear Cell Phone Concept

Kambala is a cool mobile phone that transforms into an earpiece.

Ear Cell Phone Concept

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  1. Sam

    This stuff reminds me of Zune products, particularly the Mechanical concept, and the Ear Cell Phone concept.

    my fav is the first one though, I’d LOVE to have that!

  2. Karen

    i wonder how bummed you would be when you spin your cell phone off your finger.. xD

  3. barn

    The second one, is awesome

  4. Sudeep

    This is such a mouth-watering list. I want each one! And like–NOW!

  5. Murphyo0o0o

    Definitely the first one… really really WANT.. yes NOW

  6. Bone

    Those are really cool cell phones!

  7. Lushe - Urban Gardening

    Love the grass phone

  8. Final

    the ear cell phone looks painful

  9. kittu katsu

    I like the flexible mobile concept…. it would be so cool to wear mobile as an accessory….

  10. Julie

    The mechanical cell phone one is such a good idea!

  11. Mask

    “Designed to last only for the length of its functional life cycle, this green phone falls apart for easy recycling after two years are up”
    not if i smoke it first

  12. Dan

    Some of these concepts, like the grass phone and the alarm clock phone, are seriously ridiculous. Gotta love first-year industrial design students.

  13. Fred

    I like the pen one… texting wouldn’t really work though.

  14. latincrow

    can you make the grass one with weed? XD

  15. Karin L.

    Pretty cool ideas!

  16. cro

    the pomegranate would beat all these..if it were real

  17. Oz

    Damn. It’s really awesome. Weather concept is cool, but mechanical concept is brilliant.

  18. susan

    the edge phone concept is what the lg crystal tried to do. stunning~

  19. M@rtin

    grass phone + mechanical phone = DAMN IT, IT FLEW OFF MY FINGER AGAIN AND SHATTERED!!!

  20. Alison Lee Cousland

    The grass cell phone concept has given me an even better idea. If the cell phone was inlaid/surrounded with orgonite, the user wouldn’t be affected by all the EMR emitted from their phone. NOR all the people sitting, standing, walking etc behind the user.

  21. 007

    and a phone in the head……imagining the number, and the inner device starts the dialing….the ears act as receivers…….for that, the device will have to be planted by the devil himself…..this is after the green phone is made of weed and used(lol)

  22. Macilias

    1st one ist fantastic! Could be a future iPhone and a future Tablet could look like the ones from Avatar (very similar to this concept). I think and hope there will be some of such products available in the future.

  23. Tim

    For the Pen –
    I appreciate the work you have put into this, but it really is impractical, and although it’s a cool idea it will never happen.
    A few reasons why
    1. You can’t fit a SIM in it, and phone don’t work without SIMs.
    2. With all the internals packed into it, where will the ink go?
    3. What if the ink runs out? You have a stupid wand phone that is embarrassing to answer.
    4. Battery life = DX ( <– that’s a face)
    5. You let a friend use your pen, you forget to ask for it back. There goes your phone.
    6. It could roll away when you put it on a table
    7. No point for micro SD. What’s there to put on this phone? All your videos you can’t watch? I don’t think anybody has *that* much ASCII porn.
    8. If the idea of it is to be compact and basic, why does it have a full number pad? why not scroll through numbers and save the space? I don’t often enter numbers as mine are stored.
    9. USB? Its got bluetooth. Save the space and keep it simple. Not much transferring would be needed.
    See what I’m getting at? Nice pictures, but don’t say that your fantasy isn’t out of reach anymore. It is, because no mobile phone manufacturer with half a brain would produce it, they’d be running at a huge loss, and it’s only money that they care about. (There wouldn’t be all these fantastic phones if it wasn’t about the money!!)

    My 2c.

  24. anon

    Grass phone is many things. Ridiculous, hilarious, absurd, silly. Do people get paid to excrete such designs?

  25. Reilly

    I lose pens on a regular basis. I loose my pen, I loose my phone. That’s like $100 down the drain.

  26. Dewey Farquar

    I like the one with the weather in it but where do they put all the stuff that makes the phone work?

  27. Sig

    The first app for the pen cell phone will be a nudie app where the girl loses her dress, digitally LOL

  28. Balroeg

    The Ear Cell Phone…
    I don’t think, i want to touch the numbers 2 and 3 after some days… a bit disgusting

    The Design itself is pretty nice – a bit like the Lamborghini Pen-Design

  29. Mohini

    stumbled upon from India, Love the wrist phone, and *love* the weather phone.
    The grass phone is just plain absurd. Not so much the idea, as the execution. Who would want little pieces of grass fall all aver their handbags each time you take it out/put it back. Or worse still a grassy mucky pocket. yesh. If they made it out of a less dramatic packaging, like maybe cardboard, or something perishable that is NOT grass for crying out loud. Wana go green, there are better ways.

  30. kaushlesh Bhardwaj

    Seunghan Song, you really did a great job. In fact the list is really great but your’s one is a masterpiece. My 1 to 10 list follows:
    1. Weather Cell Phone Concept, 2. Ear Cell Phone Concept, 3. Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept, 4. Mechanical Cell Phone Concept, 5. Flexible Cell Phone Concept, 6. Ear Cell Phone Concept, 7. Edge Cell Phone Concept, 8. Projector Cell Phone Concept, 9. Alarm Clock Cell Phone Concept, 10. Grass Cell Phone Concept.

  31. amit bhatia

    these are some of the awesome experiments…………..

  32. Elane Montgomery

    The weather one is by far the greatest.

  33. Abhinandan Reddy

    The weather cell phone concept sounds nice.

  34. ibivi

    Ah, all you lustful little consumers. Some great creativity here.

  35. Zia

    Very Nice Concepts..

  36. Rae

    I think all of the ideas were unique and the ear phone makes me think of the early days before the blue tooth. I’m not here to analyze products, but to see how the minds flow. If I were going to do that I go to a focus group where I could get paid to tear down or promote a product…. I love the projector phone idea, too cool!

  37. Karpo

    The morph tops all of these:)

  38. Sarah

    Well, the weather cell phone is so cool, I wonder what would happen if it was a sunny day.

  39. Shelly

    Spinny cell obviously wins. That is awesome! Tho I would want a wrist strap O.o :)

  40. dudeman

    @Shelly: Any strap would greatly reduce (read: make impossible) your ability to spin that phone on your finger.. or anywhere else.

    What they should do is package the phone with a telescoping rod on which it could be spun. This could be slightly larger in diameter on one end, and flatten to a disc shaped object that could be easily carried around in the same pocket you use for your phone.

    Slide the phone on the skinny end of the rod and since the other end would be thicker, there is no possibility for the phone to fly off…

    Unless you let go of the rod!

  41. shameem akanda


  42. Jared

    I love the spinning phone, and I wouldn’t be too worried about it spinning off your finger. The white ring probably grips your finger and then that, when spun, stays in place while the phone spins around it, creating the energy. Not really much danger of it spinning off your finger. It could also be made like those flashlights that you shake to charge. That would work just as well.
    I also like the mobile script phone if they could make it work. And, obviously the weather phone is cool, but there would probably have to be part of it that isn’t completely clear for the electronics and stuff.
    the grass one is stupid. period.

  43. Mattrhysevans

    The weather phone is a cute idea. But surely you wouldn’t need to look at your phone to see what the weather conditions were. I prefer a technique I’m pioneering that i call “looking out of the window”… If the phone’s appearance changed while looking at the calendar, reflecting the predicted weather on that day – now that would be cool!

  44. cc

    two words: Pomegranate Phone

  45. Yasir

    What can I say for this ideal technology its totally unbelievable………

  46. Bubba

    These are seriously some of the worst ideas I have ever seen. Either they are useless, impractical, impossible to make, outdated, or just plain dumb.

    1. The weather one: It looks really cool..essentially a clear iphone..but first of all, who would market a phone with the main feature of it’s ability to tell you the weather? any phone can do that..secondly, if you’re making a phone that’s clear, how can you possibly have anything inside that makes the phone actually work? also, i don’t want my phone to become harder to read just because its raining or snowing out.

    2. Again, this phone would be cool if it was in any way possible.how exactly does the designer expect to fit that gigantic touch screen into the main part of the phone that is about 1/8 of its size? the only way it could even remotely come close to working is if they were to maybe have it come out in pieces that fold out, which would make the phone absurdly thick.

    3. The design of the phone is sleek and futuristic…had it been made five years ago. As for the projector feature, let me know when we’re anywhere near being able to make the technology to make that happen in a device that small.

    4. This one is pretty hilarious..a huge, bulky device with LED letters is supposed to be futuristic? Where is the keypad supposed to be, anyways?

    5. The pen concept would be cool in the maxwell smart days..many reasons for this being a flawed design have already been documented, so I won’t touch it.

    6. This one’s pretty nice looking…it basically looks like a glorified version of the original LG Chocolate, but it’s a nice rendering.

    7. I’m still laughing at this one.. this rendering looks like they took the Chocolate and stuck some grass on top of it…i really want a phone with an eco system growing in it that’s going to fall apart after two years, so I have no option but to get a new phone the moment that it falls apart..and that’s assuming that I could stand going two years carrying around a phone that ridiculous…especially since in the rendering, it appears to be a block of grass with some direction keys stuck on top..how exactly does this thing work, anyways?

    8. Provided that the designer actually has any clue how the technology behind this would work, this is a pretty solid idea for a simple, clean, old people-friendly phone, and the ability to charge any time would be amazingly convenient.

    9. Really? This phone would be the envy of the entire AV club. Since people rarely wear watches anymore since phones allow them to always know the time anyways, I somehow doubt that people would be willing to walk around with a gigantic cell phone/ watch? on their wrist (which, by the way, would probably not be too adjustable to different wrist sizes). It would get in the way, and it could not be stowed away in a pocket very easily when doing an activity that requires you to take it off.

    10. This one appears to at least be possible and has a nice rendering, but there is no way that it could be light enough to be comfortably worn in the ear, and that nice, shiny black case won’t look too sharp after it spends a few conversations shoved into someone’s ear..besides that, it just doesn’t look too comfortable.

  47. Brandy

    Hurry up future!

  48. GB

    I like the first two, though they seem impractical. Blah at the rest.

  49. Marvin

    The first, second, and sith phones are the only ones that look good and practical. Even if that first one’s main feature was ONLY to predict the weather, I’d still want it because of how cool and futuristic it looks. According to the date on it, it’s set for a 2015 release.

    The second looks pretty modern and I’d use it, if it was cheap enough and maybe also came with a stylus like the Nintendo DS works. Of course, overall, it doesn’t really look futuristic, as much as it should exist either now or by next year, as it’s already outdated compared to the iPhone or Droid. Only if it was cheap (under $120) would it work.

    The sixth looks nice, but would probably be outdated in a couple years or so. Judging by it’s design, it’s already outdated by the iPhone and Droid, though.

    The tenth one looks the most asthetically pleasing, like the first one, but it also looks highly impractical. What kind of material is that phone made out of to be ear wax resistant? It also doesn’t look like it’s touchscreen, which already makes it kinda uselesss and outdated. But pretty, though!

  50. Arlexus

    They actually have a phone like the Edge Cell Phone Concept. It’s called The Cyon Crystal

  51. Mark Iragana

    Too impractical and unrealistic.

  52. Alex

    One question about the top one: WHERE DO THE CIRCUITS GO?

  53. Mitchell

    The ear one (last one) is a VERY bad idea… it may as well be called “the cancer giver phone”

  54. Wayne

    Bring on the future , but I’d be afraid of breaking them accidentally

  55. charlie bosten

    the weather cell phone is the most wonderful phone in our life i too love that. but i dont know price plz inform me

  56. ramessa

    the flexible one

  57. No One Important

    I love how people are just tearing away at these ideas. XD
    I agree, some of the concepts seem a bit ridiculous, but that’s why they’re only concepts. Their main purpose seems, to me, to be to give ideas or function as goals to others who may be interesting in creating the next big thing in cell phone tech. Sure, some of them may be improbable, and even impossible with our current resources, but technology’s always progressing. It may not be in the immediate future but the technology required to make these phones, or phones similar to these will be available. We can’t see things on the nano-scale with the naked eye, so with advances in nanotechnology a transparent phone with no visible circuits is no pipe dream. If there were a not so disposable case to go with the grass phone then there wouldn’t be the issue of getting grass everywhere, if that would ever be an issue; I’m fairly certain that if the phone was ever going to be made they would ensure that pieces of grass shedding into purses, pockets, etc. would be of minimal possibility. As for sim cards, who’s to say we’ll always need them? The pen phone obviously has some flaws, but the ink running out is a rather ink argument. If they were going to make a phone that also functioned as a pen I’m sure they would have the common sense to either make the ink cartridges compatible with common cartridges or make their own and distribute (more money for them, yay.) People can be clumsy, to err is human after all. So with that in mind, if anyone did decide to make a phone which charged by having the user spin it round their finger, they would most likely put the effort into making the phone sturdy. Just because iPhones crack the second they hit the floor doesn’t mean that all phones do. The only phone here that I can’t seem to find a single innovative idea in is the alarm clock. I may be wrong in assuming this, but I’m pretty sure every cell phone that’s made nowadays has an alarm clock built in. The only benefit it seems to serve is looking like an alarm click and showing you the time while you toss and turn trying to go to sleep. The wedge-like shape, although fitting for an alarm clock, doesn’t add to its appeal as a phone either. At least key functions or ideas offered by the rest of the concepts here serve to bring something new to the table. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll have entirely transparent cell phones that fold in half and double as fashionable wristbands with customizable patterns that recharge due to the everyday movement of our wrists. They might even be eco-friendly, and they’ll most likely have an alarm clock.

  58. peter griffen

    @TIM You get mini-sins from 02 that are so small there the new ones just out in the u.k and it actually comes with a real sim size with it in the middle,i use mines no bother as i have not snapped it out the big sim yet it’s the way forward as they actually reckon there is 20 years left in mobile phones game.

  59. Jeffrey

    i love Mechanical Cell Phone

  60. matte jay

    i think all of these designs are amazing and would be great for these to be productively made so that we can enjoy the experience and own one!!

  61. Derinda

    I’m assuming these transparant phones will use nanotechnology. And so what if a phone comes out too thick again? I’ts gonna happen. Things will revert before moving forward, as we’ve all seen from history.

  62. john

    Look…everyone seems to be very off about clear cell phones. Samsung has already developed a completely clear window that acts exactly like an iphone does(search “samsung window”). Clear cell phones will be the norm, much like touch screen is now. Clear phones allow the user to interface with the world around them.

    Look into augmented reality if you still need convincing. That is the only proof you’ll need for the push of clear phones.

  63. M.A. Reid

    Why can’t they be shaped like the receiver of a land line phone so they would fit a human hand ? Now wouldn’t THAT be special ?

    Whatever happened to ERGONOMIC ?

  64. brent vale

    i like the wrist watch concept, some how combine it with the first one

  65. brent vale

    no, the second one and the wrist watch idea, have be like a retractable gauntlet sort of thing, touch sreen/ hologram of course

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