Landscape Carved into Books

Landscape Carved into Books

Beautiful three-dimensional mountains carved into Encyclopedia Britannica by talented Canadian sculptor Guy Laramee.

Twenty four books were carved and transformed into creative sculpture.

Mountain Carved into Encyclopedia Britannica

Guy Laramee

Mountains Carved into Books

Guy Laramee Book Sculpture

Guy Laramee Encyclopedia Britannica

Landscape Carved into Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica

Mountain Carved into Books

Mountains Carved into Encyclopedia Britannica

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  1. John Cline

    Might it not be better to read the books than to deface them? They are now especially precious, since the print edition is no longer available. There are better ways to apply his art.

  2. jimbo

    I imediately disliked this. Why not twenty reems of papper instead of books. There is something that just seems wrong with the destruction of books even if they are old encyclopedias.

  3. Gert

    is that… mold?

  4. Swiper Fox

    I feel so sorry for the books. Books should be read, NOT to be sculpted out of.
    He should have used discarded lumber.
    The sculptor must have been a book-hater.

  5. Bibin Rana

    This is crazy!! looks so real

  6. Hannah

    Why is everyone so hung up on the books being used for something new? Would you rather see outdated Encyclopedias stored in a mouldy basement box for years? He’s giving the books a new purpose by making them into a new object and defining a new beauty for them. If anything, I think this is rather recycling than destroying.

  7. Saadieq

    I agree. Its a good use for outdated encyclopedias. It looks amazing. Great art!

  8. Barrie Hall

    Hannah has stated it best.

  9. Liv

    I also agree with Hannah. Everyone is ignoring the wonderful sculpture and attacking right away. It’s a very beautiful work.

  10. Your conscience

    And who are you to say these books didn’t live a wonderful life, were read and enjoyed by many and have ceased serving a functional purpose?…Until now.

    These are wonderfully detailed pieces of ART, which are doing a lot more for my imagination than collecting dust in someone’s basement.

    The self-righteous indignation on this website gets old, but I am grateful the content typically does not.

  11. Sandhya Menon

    outdated encyclopedia doesnt mean it can be defaced nor destroyed. if you dont want them pls donate it to people who would die to have them and cant afford. pls dont destroy them so in the name of art.

  12. Max Johnson

    outdated encyclopedias doesn’t have the latest information, it is not up to date, which can be wrong sometimes. there’s no use for them anymore, except donating but most people look up stuff on the internet now so no problem.

  13. junnie

    >>pls donate it to people who would die to have them

    no one would “die” for outdated encyclopedias. i mean, that’s just sad. what is your life about.

  14. Sonique

    Lol. Amazing how people are quick to criticise these days. What about the paper that drawings are created on that come from trees. Oh those poor trees.

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