Cool and Unusual Business Cards

Cool and Unusual Business Cards

Collection of the most creative business card designs from around the world.

Turntable Business Card

Unique business card replicates the functionality of a scratch console to instantly draw attention to the DJ’s profession.

Turntable Business Card

Twitter Business Card

Modern business card designed to look like a Twitter profile page.

Twitter Business Card

LEGO Business Card

Creative business card designed for La Cambre architecture school.

LEGO Business Card

Meat Business Card

Edible laser etched business card made from organic beef jerky.

Meat Business Card

Cosmetic Surgery Business Card

Via the use of two rubber inserts, Dr. Hajnal Kiprov’s business card shows the effect of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Business Card

Shipping Box Business Card

Tam Cargo’s unique business card transforms into a shipping box.

Google Me Business Card

Brilliant business card invites you to “Google” the name on the card.

Google Me Business Card

USB Business Card

Innovative business card will transfer data to your computer.

Cookie Business Card

Edible business card made for the Bombay Bakery in Pakistan.

Cookie Business Card

Facebook Business Card

Jean-Baptiste Gouraud’s business card was inspired by Facebook.

Facebook Business Card

Airplane Business Card

Unique business card designed for Norburn Model Aircraft Supply.

Airplane Business Card

Hair Business Card

Cool business cards for Glammer Education Institute of Hair Design allow for shapes to be cut out with scissors, creating unique hair styles.

Hair Business Card

Fitness Trainer Business Card

Clever business card designed for a fitness instructor in Dubai.

Fitness Trainer Business Card

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  1. Julie

    I REALLY like that model airplane one :)

  2. Derek Po

    The model plane card is the best!

  3. chelsea_fc

    The Tam Cargo one is genius!

  4. yardbird

    i think the cosmetic surgery one goes a little too far.

  5. Cheryl

    Tam cargo…wow!

  6. M Chan

    these are awesome ideas! Now I am inspired to change mine.

  7. Poet

    Edible business cards completely beat the purpose.

  8. RubiksDude

    AIRPLANE is great!
    Facebook & twitter business card = unoriginal & just… lame!

  9. Art of Concept

    I like the airplane too, but the USB Business Card is an amazing concept!

  10. Garrett Davis

    The Google Me business card would be fantastic for a person who works as an SEO consultant.

  11. Shaun

    Best ones are Tam Cargo and airplane! So want a cracker card though! =D

  12. Jinto Jolly James

    Thank u for sharing these ideas.. Good ideas in, good ideas out.. Might help someday..

  13. Gert

    Yardbird is a fuddy duddy, I cracked up at the cosmetic surgery one. And yes, I am a woman therefore if I can find it amusing it is not offensive to the ladies.

    At least not to the ones born in the last 40 years. Then again my mom also would have laughed so well, the last 70 years.

  14. h.


    Yo. I’m a lady too and I find it offensive. Just cos you got lady parts, don’t assume that your opinion is shared by the whole of female-kind. Juuuust sayin’.

    I like the fitness card one very much.

  15. Adriana

    I just love the cookies business cards, although I think that they aren’t so practical :D If I receive one, I’d probably eat it right away :))

  16. bert

    love the TAM CARGO one so much

  17. krista

    airplane and fitness trainer are awesome.

  18. sweetrhino

    boobs card is funny!

  19. Hugo

    Google meee :)

  20. Michelle

    Thank-you for sharing these unique business cards with us.

    – The cosmetic surgery business card isn’t offensive to me; it’s designed to demonstrate the intended results of such surgery. It’s as un-graphic as a naked/bare ‘Barbie doll’ chest when changing the doll’s clothing.

    – I’d eat the cookie business card, too. And, if that cookie is delicious it has served its purpose as a business card because I’ll want more of them and buy more of them from that company.

    – The use of the Lego by the architectural school is clever since Legos are used to build/construct toy structures.

    – The Twitter, Tam Cargo,Turntable, Beef Jerky, Google, USB, Facebook and Airplane business cards are all quite clever, as well.

    Again, thank-you for sharing!

  21. Appreciator

    Love the hair one. Had to say it since no one mentioned it. One of the cheapest in the list to produce, beautifully designed, versatile and of course, interactive.

  22. ollie

    how is the cosmetic surgery one offensive? They aren’t your breasts plastered on a business card.

  23. Kevin

    Very cool designs, that facebook, Twitter n Airplane concepts is amazing, like it too much!

  24. a-nonymus

    those will cost a lot :> ..especially the one that will transfer data into your computer

  25. Jacko

    Its amazing the stuff you can come up with when you use your mind.

    Are physical business cards in that high of demand these days? I see benefits for DJs but other than that what do you think?

  26. megan

    I lime the fitness card but it would be cool if it was a slide out so as you got more in shape the ‘tummy’ part would slide in (& back out if you gained it back). ;)

  27. Heather Hansen

    Very creative!!! Any ideas for a business card for an Interior Designer?

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