Cool Weather Cell Phone Concept

Cool Weather Cell Phone Concept

Cool futuristic window phone concept design by Seunghan Song accurately determines and illustrates present weather conditions.

Window Cell Phone Concept

Window Phone Concept

Weather Phone Concept

To activate the hand writing mode, simply blow on the cell phone.

Weather Phone by Seunghan Song

Weather Phone Concept by Seunghan Song

Window Phone by Seunghan Song

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  1. lily

    love it, also you can do that from the fog

  2. edin

    is this posible???? wow great!

  3. jassi

    cool…very futuristic….
    amazing idea…even i guess…is this possible…….

  4. Megan

    Beautiful concept! It could be possible in the future when the phones are this thin. The real time weather info could come from sensors or internet.

  5. Manish Ahuja

    DAMN!!!! This seems way too futuristic. Lets see when do ideas like these materialize.

  6. Alen

    To COOL!

  7. alifraser88

    This would be the coolest thing ever. I really hope someone develops this! Although the obvious problems are -battery transparency -wire transparency -transparent charger/headphones/etc ports. I think it’s possible!

  8. Luis


  9. adam

    reminds me of HTC 3d touchflo

  10. JAMER

    I feel like it would just crack in your pocket if you did anything physical

  11. superdit

    thats cool idea, and where is the battery? or it is using solar energy?

  12. daddy

    damn!!! legit to the max!!!!

  13. Emilia

    Isn’t this basically an iphone app…?

  14. mostafa

    very nice.

  15. Den

    Jeez! I WANT IT! this is amazing!

  16. Rebekah

    Let ME have it for a cheap price and then maybe I’ll buy it.

  17. house roofing

    Thats Cool,
    Handwriting Mode Would be Interesting at First But not later,
    And How Does It work on some nano technology Which is self Powered

  18. Karin L. Stewart

    This is SOOOO cool and thinking out of the box. Bring it on NOW!

  19. man2man

    don’t need battery, don’t need solar energy,
    use only corporal energy !!

  20. tech-mad

    i SO need this. NOW.

  21. Numanul Subhani

    Its very innovative and futuristic concept….

  22. Nipun Kanekar

    Is this possible?… how can it be transparent? where are the PCBs? where are the sensors?

  23. Geoff

    This looks like student work. Hope the project got an “A”… it’s very nice!

  24. Anson Yiu


  25. CRM

    this is really cool….its really alien tech….amazing

  26. tim

    Is it a similar concept as the weather stick? When it rains, its wet, etc.? LOL! Looks cool!

  27. william

    stop hoping for this to come available.. its a cool concept.. but … not possible.

  28. Niyari

    well I do need a phone….haha

  29. 4MIN


  30. Kogn

    It could be posible, but for the moment forget it, it is not alive

  31. neegs

    wheres the speaker and microphone.


  32. ms.gadgetfreak

    Wow! This is such an innovative idea! Cell phone accessories these days are truly getting more and more revolutionary these days. Cool stuff!

  33. kimbamberry

    For the weather, it’s called looking out the window/going outside.

  34. Rowena

    One small comment: the phone looks cool & all that, but if I want real-time weather info, I only need to look out the window!

  35. Keanu reeves

    WOW ,,, So Beautiful . I Love it..

  36. s1h4d0w

    Very cool concept indeed.

    But this just isn’t possible, not now, and not in the near future.

  37. Winston

    Pretty cool, but just not that practical… While the handwriting feature would be cool the first couple times, it would soon grow to be a hassle. Beautiful, very aesthetic concept though.

  38. Jerome

    that is one cool phone

  39. ID head

    I think students at their D schools don’t think practically at all. They take design to be a means of generating whole lot of hi tech stuff like this with full of arts and so called aesthetics but without seeking its practicality. As a concept this is good enough but not at all a practical design.

  40. Bobb

    Actually, this phone may as well surpass the iPhone, and it is possible! Crystal lattice technology (piezoelectricity) can be capable for viewing in cell phones!

  41. Rui


  42. hannah

    What the heck how much are they where do I get one?!

  43. Sami

    It would be tough to realize, where the battery will be placed.
    Although, it would be possible to place thin layers of Solar Strips around the edges of the glass to generate energy through out the day. It would be able to generate battery life from fluorescent lights inside and the obvious source of light outside ;)

  44. julia

    I WANT ONE!! it is the coolest thing i have ever seen and i would lovee to have one!! but id rather press buttons instead of drawing, even tho that is a pretty cool idea.

  45. i love it!!

    love love

  46. her

    i’m just curious how you space when your writing texts.

  47. Radu

    Of course the concept is great!!! I like it very much…

    But when designing a product like this, the usability part comes thick. Industrial designers need to keep in mind and foresee options that would allow users/clients to easily read the info on the display and so on… Such technology exists today, but costs too damn much.

    As some folks said here, there is a problem with the battery!

    For the sake of concept, as a simple phone, I guess we could throw away the 1 Ghz CPU phones.

  48. Timothy

    Where can i get a phone like this?

  49. pavel

    almost seems to good to be true oh wait it is

  50. Mercedes

    How do we order??


    how can i oder this cell phone ?

  52. nelson

    soo how much does it cost and when can I get it cause that’s the coolest thing ever

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