Touchscreen Guitar

Touchscreen Guitar from Australia

Misa Digital Guitar is essentially an innovative MIDI controller with a large multi-touch touchscreen display that controls the sound.

There are no strings on this futuristic instrument; it is powered by the Linux operating system, has 24 frets, MIDI out, and an Ethernet port.

Misa Touchscreen Digital Guitar

Misa Digital Guitar

Touchscreen Digital Guitar

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  1. Megan

    The future is here! They should use this technology in the next Rock Band video game.

  2. sean

    matthew bellamy has used one of these like… two or three years ago!!!

  3. aditia

    Cool stuff, again it’s powered with Linux

  4. Paul Sample

    holy sh!t! That’s really awesome!

  5. ajayjshah

    very neat, would love to see it used in future gaming.

  6. Final


  7. Alex

    Matt Bellamy has a touch pad effects panel on his guitar. However it is not a midi guitar that he uses.
    This is like pendulum and muse combined.

  8. johnny


  9. Reilly

    It’s cool. But the classic guitar is well… classic.

  10. randomness

    dudee tht is killer!…although i do agree with reily, the classic guitar is still better…it wouldnt be you making the music…but other than tht its pretty sweet…!…

  11. stephen

    Muse uses this concept on a guitar. It also has normal strings as well. Very cool, I want one.

  12. matt

    personally i dislike the whole idea..your not making music there..theres no skill in that…and let me bust your bubble…how do you do a bend?

  13. caleb

    i have one problem. when i play i tend to hold notes that arent being used at that time. it seems to me with that it plays every not your touching when you hit the touchpad. meaning it would make it a bit more difficult. classic guitar would be the best thing to stick with

  14. caleb

    and also i could see maybe taking this technology and using it in another instrument. but not to replace a guitar

  15. notmatt

    you are making music – every button on the neck is assigned a note, you can play chords and solo. how is that not making music? to do bends, you use the touchscreen, in the same motion as a whammy. its not a guitar, its a new instrument for electronic music.

  16. Alsonotmatt

    matt… please..
    you can not be serious , no skill ?


  17. Woofer61

    Hmmm… there is a huge difference between plucking a string and strumming it. Wonder how that is dealt with.. especially in cases where you would typically do both at the same time. Perhaps a few problems could be addressed with pedals.
    However, I think it would be neat and I’d like to play one anyway.

  18. Ryan

    A great and innovative product for the future of music and it’s patrons. Enough with the video game suggestions, poseurs. I’ve been a gamer longer than I’ve been a musician, but Guitar Hero and Rock Band are just insults to the actual art of playing an instrument. Most individuals dedicate years of devotion and discipline towards a passion that is belittled by a crappy game in only a matter of minutes. You have been flamed. Thanks for hearing my rant. Cheers!

  19. Tim

    sounds like crap

  20. Brian Charles Clark

    I love it — and I want me one real bad. Screw Rock Band the game, let’s start a real band. We’re on a mission from god.

  21. john

    give me a break, a plastic crappy guitar that sounds like shit!
    the only good thing about it, is that it’s powered by linux although it deserves microsoft.

  22. dylan

    I don’t think the people who compare this to an electric guitar or clasical guitar are getting the big picture here.

  23. dylan

    oh yeah

    John, right before my last comment…
    it doesn’t always have to sound like ‘crap’.
    that’s filtered to sound that way by the person playing it.
    those things can be changed.
    also, that was an increadibly objective comment, and not worth the space it takes, both digitally, and on my screen.

  24. Brian R.


    It’s not the technology you use, it’s how you use the technology!

    (from a “non” guitar playing perspective). Very cool! &….you could probably figure out a way to simulcast the touchpad to a larger screen behind you for the “acid effect”.

  25. Kirvi Inci

    Ryan: The fact is that the people who play Guitar Hero/ Rock Band realize it is just a game and not an accurate depiction of playing a real guitar.

  26. Sheahan

    sounds like crap!

  27. Josh

    Why is everyone treating this like it is a replacement for guitar? Does anybody think a midi-controlling keyboard is a replacement for a piano? I don’t think so. This is just a new way to use a kaossilator. I think I’d like to play around with it.

  28. oooooaaaaaaahhh...nice

    def not a guitar…shaped like one…not played like one…maybe they should start giving these new hi tech insturments new names….to stop pissing off fans of the classic instruments they are being likened to for obvious reasons, possibly as we should refer to them some time in the near future….definate ‘meh’ from me tho….its like marmite i suppose…plus i’m shit with any type of tech control/buttons etc….3/4 nylon acoustic and ‘old fashioned’ electric for me please

  29. Cody

    let me guess it costs like a trillion bucks?

  30. Charlie

    7 string version anyone?

  31. mike

    this seems inconvenient, even if you’re not used to playing regular six-string. Good luck with mixing up your strumming on that anti-guitar, finger picking too. How can you possibly finger pick a flat surface? Everything about this is wrong and stupid. Gibson has their robot electrics and they are pretty useful because they don’t go too far, they’re still guitars, they just tune themselves and have some effects features. And who gives a damn if its Linux, you can put Linux in anything, that doesn’t make it magic. I doubt they’ll try and market this as a replacement it’s more like an MIDI touchpad that was kind of like a guitar and kind of like a keyboard, I saw a video for one somewhere, but it was pretty much defunct because of patent issues. I can see how this would work, I just hope they don’t try and make it like a guitar

  32. Andy

    every time i see one of these new “technology concept guitars”, i die a little inside. you see…i play what’s called a REAL guitar that took REAL patience and REAL hard work and REAL practice to get good at. folks, don’t waste your time or money on anything like this – basically ALL of the technique that you need to learn on the real guitar goes right out the window with pieces of junk like this. there are things that can be done on a real guitar that no one will EVER be able to replicate on a digital piece of junk like this (for example: harmonics, pinch harmonics, palm muting…etc). if you want to play the guitar (or any instrument for that matter), do what real musicians do…put in the time, dedication, and hard work necessary to obtain the skill…and for god’s sake – take some lessons from a professional so you learn the right way the first time and don’t have to buy something as stupid as this to make up for your own laziness.

  33. norman

    Fancy Jimi Hendrix useing it!!!

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