Flashlight Projector Map Concept

Flashlight Projector Map Concept

Tamtam flashlight map concept tells you where to go by projecting directions right in front of you, thus generating a whole new playful and intuitive way of experiencing navigation.

In case the user gets lost, Tamtam can also project a more traditional map onto any surface. The map is zoomable and scrollable like any digital map.

Tamtam GPS Flashlight

Flashlight Projector Map

Flashlight Projector GPS Map

Tamtam Flashlight Projector Map

Tamtam Flashlight Map

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  1. Fresh

    Guess who’s the first to leave a comment?! This is an amazing concept!!!!

  2. ajayjshah

    This is indeed an awesome concept. Just wish there was more info on the design and how it would work.

  3. Ana-Marie Jones

    I cannot wait to hold this in my hand! For the directionally challenged among us, this is too cool. I’m thinking of all the other things we could project with this device. Wow!

  4. LOLZ

    Hummm…..Do not like…….have google maps on my phone.

  5. Sarah Anderson

    This is a really cool flashlight. If it works, I think many will want one especially if it is GPS enabled.

  6. yoteun

    Would it really work? like to try it out…. ;)

  7. Critical Eye

    Ummm… how does this work in daylight? And this leaves the user with only one hand free.

  8. cascade

    @Critical Eye is there a map you can think of, that you can use while walking that wont take up at least one hand.

  9. Niels Gol

    No room for destination input…
    rather than that, it’s a good idea, taking existing technology of mini-projectors, GPS and flexi-screens…

  10. Moburkhardt

    be the light your guide? WTF

  11. Vijay

    I can see this is fun for kids, but adults have more than enough devices to help them find their way around, for example;smart phones, watches and netbooks.

  12. John

    Cool! Now implement it into my phone!

  13. alan

    erm: there is ONE button to get data in? i struggle to tell my iPhone where to do (via the keyboard) – how the hell am I going to tell my torch where I want to go with a single button????

  14. jocelyn

    i love it!

  15. Jan

    Dumb. Sorry. What is the advantige above an phone with GPS? Just an extra product. How the hell is your little “projector” gonna be bright enough to project a big map in brought day-light? If you figure that out, than you are a brilliant engeneer.

  16. Ohdeeuhm

    haha, “be the light your guide” ..

  17. Mandy

    Wow, fun concept. I can already imagine so many uses for this in my industry. I hope it comes to fruition and we get to test this bad boy out! Not everyone has GPS or smart phones yet. So there is still an arena for this little ditty.

  18. Chad

    How ’bout a headgear version for the hands free multitasker? While it might be fun for kids, adults might reconsider.

  19. Karin L.

    Great idea!

  20. jinell



  21. Dudeman

    Cool idea, except since when do people need directions when WALKING somewhere? And I don’t think this will work while driving…

  22. Anthony

    @Jan, you could actually use lasers instead of a normal projector..

  23. bob

    i like because it’s called tam tam (tom tom)

  24. Kyle

    i like the idea. . .maybe needs a different medium? meh

  25. Jan

    @Amthony Not for the map idea. I like the arrow idea more, but that whould be handy in a phone. Although i believe it hasn’t got a big advantage above a mobile screen. @Jinell Sorry, i’m not a native writer, but that was sloppy ;-)

  26. kdizz

    WOAH. This is something everyone could use. Fantastic concept and will defo be getting one asap

  27. matblak

    This is more of a fleeting idea than a concept. Clearly it has not been thought through. Reminds me of Johnny Lee Chungs work …

  28. Floris

    A concept is only good when it can actually be executed. It might be possible, because a device could know your GPS location and the direction you’re facing.
    What’s the advantage over a phone that gives you the same information? It looks cool, but you’d have to carry yet another device. Maybe put it in a phone…

  29. Len

    The mockups are done really well (especially the advertisement) but I can’t see a consumer base for it at all.

    Neat concept though.

  30. Amiranto

    Cool..i want to use it for Bali & Lombok Island

  31. Marsha C

    They have projectors that you can put on a phone (I saw it on TV.) Why not make the projector do the same thing using the phone GPS?

  32. jack frances

    But its so big and will run out of batteries. A real map would be better.

  33. jacobpaige

    this would be great at theme parks, zoos or other large pedestrian centric locales.
    it’d also be good if they found a way to mount it on a bike so that it could project directions onto the road to let you know where to go without having to look down at a more traditional GPS.

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