Old Photos of Superheroes

Old Photos of Superheroes

Creative photo manipulations by Agan Harahap depict superheroes and villains during World War II.

The artist inserted popular fictional characters into old photographs.

Spider-Man in 1944


Superman in 1945


Batman in 1944


Joker in 1941


Darth Vader in 1943

Darth Vader 1943

Flash in 1945


Darth Vader in 1945

Darth Vader

Captain America in 1941

Captain America

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  1. Me

    Cool… I guess…

  2. Darrell

    Hahaha I love these SO much!!

  3. James Ward

    Is Captain America just chit-chatting with Heinrich Himmler about the US POW behind the wire? It also looks like “Spidey” is ready to get his butt kicked by GI Joe. Kinda dopey

  4. George hi3rophant

    Mantap, gan! (Cool, boss!)

    Extraordinary concept..
    I’ve seen them before at Kaskus (Indonesian forum).

    Nicely done for an Indo artist…

  5. Molly

    Isn’t Captain America originally from the 40’s anyway?

  6. Ninja Egg :D

    Ummm. Its interesting. Cool. Not what i expected they would put on Toxel…..

  7. Danny

    The flash could have killed them all single handedly.

  8. vero

    Its a good concept, but I think some pictures are not very successfully done …
    The picture of Batman in 1944 dont fit right because of the level of focus
    And in the ones of Darth Vader does not seem very well achieved, i dont know if its because of the tone or the grain / noise

  9. Dominic

    Pretty cool. They could’ve done a better job with Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

  10. Josh

    They are so so cool!

  11. Derek Po

    Lol! Heinrich and Captain America!! XD

  12. Auzy

    Damn it I am on my Mac, cant see the flash picture :-/

  13. Kirvi_Inci

    Is it just me or do some of these heros look like they are fighting on the wrong side? Why would Captain America be chatting and smiling with a Nazi? Also, why would Spiderman look like he is attacking an Allied soldier?

    I like the idea, but some of the characters should have been put into different photographs.

  14. Critical Eye

    The context in which some of the super heros were dropped were composited are completely off. LAME!

  15. Taylor

    Haha you can clearly tell that Darth Vaders lightsaber is a toy.

  16. Mauro Squiz Daviddi


  17. Meow

    haha Flash was always my favorite.

  18. jumanicus

    idk y but i really dislike these pics, because theyre just standing there like a dude in a costume, maybe if the heros were fighting crime it would work, or atleast in an action stance of some sort. but other thn tht i like the general idea.

  19. Johanesberbeleebaum

    not cool, the heroes just dont fit into the pics, and do not interact with the pict. they just were posted there in black &white effect. and thats all..

  20. sam

    I wanted to like these but couldn’t. I think the super heroes’ presence is insulting to the real heroes who gave their lives and service to fight real villains.

  21. Purple

    Cool, but I think they should’ve used Christopher Reeves, IMHO.

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