Cool Bike with Car Wheels

Cool Bike with Car Wheels

Gregory deGouveia has designed a bicycle that rolls on two car wheels.

According to the creator, the Kitten took about two weeks to complete. The bike was built because the wheels were free. It’s excessive and inefficient – it’s sort of the anti-bike.

Bike with Car Wheels

Kitten Bicycle

Bicycle with Car Wheels

Cool Bicycle with Car Wheels

Kitten Bike

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  1. unDave

    LOL, just LOL.

    -by unDave™

  2. @fherdito


  3. pfers


  4. delere

    um…no. Those type of wheels are not designed for the maneuvering required for a bike. On the up side: I don’t think anyone will steal it.

  5. ajayjshah

    This just looks like a few awful engineers/mechanics and welders all got together one day when they were bored, extremely bored. And out popped this monstrosity.

    “We’ll cat it… THE KITTEN.”

    Lastly, it looks like they ripped off Caterpillar’s logo concept.

    Horrible. I’m upset.

  6. Niyari

    “anti-bike” I like it, quite the bike

  7. Oliver

    cool …

  8. Final

    From the creators from monster trucks comes MONSTER BIKE!!!!

  9. Fred

    I think the name and “rip off” of the Caterpillar logo was intentional, along with the color and overall style. Super-heavy duty look, just like a big piece of construction equipment.
    I think it would be a fun bar bike.

  10. cole

    looks very awkward

  11. Joaquin E.

    If it were black, it would be the “Bat Bike”. The healthy alternative to the “Tumbler”.

  12. Demetrius

    This has to be the ugliest bike I’ve ever seen. It could/should have been really cool!

  13. Karin L.

    Not what I would call “Pretty”

  14. el arqui

    Well, different but not bad, I like it, If they marketer, I will like to buy it !

  15. Mask

    god, get over it guys. im pretty sure its meant to be a rip off of catipillar logo, and its sposed to be kinda funny

  16. Fred

    I’m not ripping on the logo… quite the opposite actually.

  17. Demetrius

    The chain seems kind of flimsy, given the amount of force it would take to propel this behemoth.

  18. Reilly

    One word: Why?

  19. trimtab21

    i say take off the pedals and use it as a downhill all terrain bike.

  20. Joas

    Well it must be a really heavy bike!! I’m sure it will revolutionize the bike industry but Yamaha and Honda have nothing to worry about.

  21. Tony

    That’s one Bad-Ass Bike
    I can Marius Pudzianowski cruising the beach on that bad boy!

    It does look like it needs a heavier chain though, as much for the look of the thing as for the practicalities.
    Maybe a motorcycle chain ?

  22. cchana

    pretty crazy! reminds me of the bat cycle in The Dark Knight!

  23. Steve

    Don’t know about motorbike chain, but motorbike wheels would be great – just think of the speeds you could corner on a downhill!

  24. jeth

    total weight, 205 pounds. holy moly. i want to see this sucker in action

  25. Scott Westerlaken

    love the solar panel for the lights!

  26. chopcycles

    not bad, its not a bike to go to work or to take to the mountains for a ride but still it is a different way to look at a bike… with a little more attention to details and finishings it cold be a quite cool ride!

    nice work…

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