Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Innovative skateboard designed by Kyle Doerksen brings the smooth feeling of snowboarding or surfing to the road.

Onewheel skateboard is powered by an electric motor. Control it by simply leaning your body in the direction you want to go.

Lean forward to accelerate and lean backward to slow down or stop.

Self-balancing electric skateboard allows people to “ride the future”.

Electric Skateboard

Innovative Skateboard

Balancing Skateboard


Self-Balancing Skateboard

Modern Skateboard

Onewheel Skateboard

Onewheel Electric Skateboard

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  1. Gert

    So a Segway board…

  2. Cheryl

    Forget the skateboard, I want her legs!

  3. Jorge

    This super cool brother, watching your invention I realize that catching a line drive in would be difficult and it took me a brilliant to be fully viable idea. This very cool this can be a big Congratulations.

  4. Swiper Fox

    That Self-Balancing Skateboard is a Reinvented SEGWAY.

  5. Critical Eye

    The video states that the product is currently a prototype. I’m wondering exactly how well is has been vetted. Currently, it doesn’t look large enough to carry the batteries needed to power this thing for very long.

  6. Thunder

    So who’s the target audience? I don’t see anybody do even 10% of the tricks on this that you can do with a skateboard.

    I understand their desire to create a hoverboard but this thing hasn’t brought us one step closer to it than a old school wooden skateboard.

  7. Ashe


  8. Dave

    @Critical Eye – I think maybe the power could be in that giant wheel.

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