Christmas Truck With 3000 Lights

Christmas Truck With 3000 Lights

Christmas Truck with 3,000 Christmas lights was created by Kris Marshall to spread the joy of the holiday season.

25 years ago, Kris Marshall was transporting a generator and Christmas lights to his church in a $50 used truck. He simply combined the two and the Christmas Truck was born.

Christmas Truck

The Christmas Truck

The Christmas Lights Truck

Christmas Themed Lights Truck

Christmas Lights Truck

Christmas Themed Truck team wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Holiday Season!

  1. Megan

    Fun! Merry Christmas Everyone!

  2. Dixie

    Nice Idea of Sharing the Christmas Joy of Jesus, who is the Light of the World, with Everybody Else. May your Christmas and New Year Season be as bright, as you make it for others. Much appreciate, those who go the “Extra Mile,” to bring a “smile” to those who may not get one today.

  3. OM

    Being run over by one of these is almost cute!

  4. Kim at Green Options

    This is cool, can’t miss it in a fog, I suppose. But, 3K light bulbs? Lots of juice to power that thing up. Beautiful and christmasy, nonetheless.



  6. so

    this isnt dangerous?

  7. Fresh

    pure amazingness!

  8. Karin L. Stewart

    What fun!!!

  9. Mask


  10. Paul Wagner

    I found this while looking around for availability for my new website name. I have a Christmas Truck too. I have been doing it for a few years now. This year, I am up to “only” 2500 lights, about 1/2 of them being LEDs. But I am using a large inverter to power them, so there is no noise, or anything to steal. Please check out my truck at

    I do it to make people smile, so please help me and pass it along to your friends.

    Thank You,

  11. Donna

    Need to know how to light up a truck F150 for a Christmas Parade. Also need to know how to run a CD system for someone singing and what kinds of lights? Rope? Or regular Christmas lights or Led. Thanks any help is appreciated!

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