Spokeless Bicycle Prototype

Spokeless Bicycle Prototype

Nine mechanical engineering students at Yale have designed a working bicycle with a spokeless rear wheel. The goal was to prove the concept of a human powered spokeless bicycle.

The space freed up by a spokeless wheel design could be used to house an electric motor or even a gyro balanced storage basket.

Spokeless Bike Prototype

Spokeless Wheel Prototype

Spokeless Wheel

Spokeless Bike

Spokeless Bicycle

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  1. T61891

    This is pretty cool, i’d like to see more people riding these around my neighborhood hah!

  2. unDave™

    It’d be awesome with both wheels….

    -by unDave™

  3. Fresh

    that’s incredibly cool!

  4. spencerj

    I love all the outlandish design stuff, but nobody is making an ‘everyday’ bike for everyday use. I am.

  5. Joas


  6. SpAt

    Next step…PAINT!

  7. E1

    GREAT… would be better is front wheel got same treatment

  8. Keckers

    But if the front wheel did get the same treatment, it wouldn’t have been able to make turns…

  9. derschreckliche

    Front wheel should have no spokes, too.
    @Keckers: If they let the fork on it’s position an keep it turnable, then they can shorten the fork to 1/4 of its length and affix the wheel-carrying thing to the fork so it remains turnable.

  10. Heru

    Wrong. Just need to use the same thing that hold the back wheel on the bike and put in front on the handlebar to move. =)

  11. theguy

    It would work on the front too, just have the connection go around both sides and connect it directly to the wheel hub.

  12. Karin L.

    Looks interesting. Would sell better with paint!

  13. chequecheque12

    totally pointless exercise, the hubless wheel has been around for years on motorcycles, the stated goals are also redundent

  14. Daniel Jaeger

    How do you change a tire?

  15. cassio

  16. mwistrom

    Seriously, this is a waste of effort and time. Maybe ya’ll will figure out the solid rubber tire, to prevent flats.

    I don’t see why I would want one. What would I gain?

  17. Donal

    What if the spokeless wheel develops a slight buckle? With a standard wheel, you can correct a wobble by adjusting the tension of the spokes. If this one goes off a little, you’re in trouble.

  18. Reilly

    My only question is, why?

  19. Biiirdmaaan

    Reilly, try reading:

    “The space freed up by a spokeless wheel design could be used to house an electric motor or even a gyro balanced storage basket.”

    Not sure if I would use it, but it seems self-defeating to require every idea to be practical at such an early stage. There sure are a lot of nit-pickers on this site.

  20. toddonbike

    spokes make the wheel stronger. without them the wheel will collapse under the slightest stress. just because it can be done does not make it better.

  21. bauke

    what happens if the rim is a bit bent or has a dent on it, could get dangerous..

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