Bra Doubles as Two Gas Masks

Bra Doubles as Two Gas Masks

Elena Bodnar has designed an emergency bra that can transform into two respiratory face masks.

Shoulder straps double as head straps that hold the mask and inner cap liner/filter acts like a butterfly valve during inhale cycles.

Elena Bodnar Emergency Bra

Bra Face Mask

Emergency Bra Face Mask

Emergency Bra

Emergency Bra Mask

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  1. bim

    Just what we needed. A number of times me n the misses are running along the beach baywatch style and then i let off a huge fart and she shout eeeewwh. Now we can save ourselves and get horny at the same time lol ha

  2. SaraJane


  3. Bajo

    Too sexy way to survive :P

  4. Gabriel Marchezini


  5. James Ward

    The thong bottom doubles as an emergency eye patch!

  6. SnowTony

    I… Umm… What??

  7. Taz

    Just what this country needs!

  8. Lan

    Marvellous what bra can do.

  9. L Bell

    Looks like she has a backup bra (see straps over shoulders) in the shot where they are wearing the masks… Hmmm… Not realistic enough for me…

  10. Martik

    Are there any other colors? I don’t like the red one!

  11. Art of Concept

    LOL! I never thought I’d see this! (it’s an expression, not that I actually imagined it! ;-)
    Indeed…why that color?! Kitsch!!!

  12. Firense

    I can see it already! “OMG, Terrorists have just released a highly volatile nervegas! Quick! Take off your bra!” xD

  13. Aci


  14. bernd

    Wow, this is really amazing, the amount of time that is spend developing/presenting such an idiotic idea!

  15. John

    ( o ) ( o )

  16. bra sniffer

    finally… an excuse for when i get caught with my face in a bra.


    at least before i potentially die, i get to see boobies.

  18. Alexa

    100% useless

  19. Kimmo

    I would still die if where still together with my ex. The bra just wouldn’t cover both my nose and mouth….

  20. Raads

    ok, then when the girl takes the bra off, what does she have under her top, or if she was on the beach as shown above – talk about flashing!- :P
    its a stupid ass idea that wont work (no offence)
    hehe, im so kind eh?

  21. kevin

    Love the comments x]

  22. Tonsil

    It’s useless and it’s still an epic win! I wonder if there’s any potential for men’s underwear…

  23. Reilly

    Correction: 4 American past-times:

    1. Making money
    2. Being afraid of terrorist attacks
    3. BOOBS
    4. Being stupid, over-priced, pointless items like this

  24. skiivii

    This is a good idea. Great for emergencies

  25. enav

    I don’t know what to say…

  26. Pete


    Maybe he was wearing it :)

  27. hersheylover


  28. hasan

    pants is better to breath

  29. kaTi

    What if you have toxic boob sweat?

  30. David

    Umm….Nice title. GAS mask? What GAS would that even protect against? Organic vapors? Chlorine gas? It’s prob’ only as good as a simple DUST mask.

  31. Raads

    LOL @ KaTi!!!!!!

  32. me

    agreed. ;D
    love the jokes in the comments
    lol, i wonder how many of you actaully checked to see what kevin said :P

  33. Sydney

    soooooooo dumb!

  34. Talia

    I can hear my boyfriend saying “oh! we have to be prepared, simulation time”

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