Masks made from Fashion Magazines

Masks made from Fashion Magazines

Creative photo series by Frederique Daubal, talented French artist, features models wearing masks created out of pages from fashion magazines.

According to the artist, “Hide and Seek” art project is a statement on identity, transformation and what it means to be French today.

Fashion Magazine Mask

Magazine Mask

Fashion Magazine Cover Mask

Magazine Cover Mask

Mask by Frederique Daubal

Frederique Daubal Mask

Frederique Daubal Magazine Mask

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  1. un known

    wwwhhhhhhaaaaaaa???? weird and stupid

  2. beeb

    C R E E P Y!

  3. lauralicious

    love it!

  4. Matt Starr

    Pretty creative, would have never thought of it. It’s pretty disturbing though, but that’s why I like it! Imagine if you saw someone the street like this haha. Great post !

    : D

  5. unDave™

    Creepy, awesome!

    -by unDave™

  6. aditia

    @beeb: agree with you and I still don’t now what the purpose wearing that mask

  7. Pete

    Pretty neat :)

  8. praveen

    grt work.

  9. Art of Concept

    Kinda creepy (especially the third big photo!), but it’s still kinda cool too…

  10. takpar

    very nice!!

  11. oyik

    I really like it, even I don’t know what’s the point? :D
    but I like it :D

  12. chazzzz

    cool idea

  13. Betty

    Very cool, very creative. The best stuff is always like this; it’s simple, just amazingly executed.

  14. forumlogic

    Great expression of the idea that the media shapes our aspirations and identities.

    As someone who works with sufferers from eating disorders I see at first hand how pressured some people feel to adopt what they assume are acceptable identities – and how toxic it is to their lives.

  15. shikha

    awwsmness!!! totally creative.. the photography is really good.

  16. Jaqi Mugo

    this would make a great advert! Very effective!

  17. Tony

    I’m wondering if he’s had the ban on the veil/burka on his mind of late ?

  18. Kirvi Inci

    Soo….he took the magazines and ran them through a papetr shredder up to an inch from the top, hit reverse, and called it a mask?

    While the pictures themselves have a great deal of interest, the mask idea is not very creative.

  19. Toasty O's

    Fascinating. You can read into this for days, but I prefer to just appreciate how cool it looks.

  20. timmay

    creepily awesome

  21. JZ

    @ Kirvi Inci

    Then how come you never thought of it?

    I think it’s a creative and well-executed concept.

  22. Amy

    absolutely hilarious!!

  23. Tyron Bache

    Just love these – I want one!

  24. M!

    nice! save a few bucks on a makeup artist

  25. Raads

    @tony u dont know how much that offends me, its not even been banned and the masks purpose are at the other end of the line compared to the veil/burka, so that doesnt make sense!

    its a kind of cool idea tho, if a model wants to model but doesnt want to show her face: there’s ure solution!

  26. Kirvi Inci

    Ooo, look at you trying to insult me! Maybe you should read the part where I said the pictures themselves were interesting, just not the concept of how he came about the masks.

    I find it completely uncreative because all he did was take phots out of a magazine, slice them up, and called them art. It hardly even qulifies as such since he is using someone elses photographic work. Had he went and made the masks himself I would have quite a bit more respect for it.

  27. Sarah

    thats so weird!
    I like it.

  28. Tony


    Man,You’re easily offended..and a bit dumb.
    I was merely wondering aloud if this was one of the sources of inspiration for the artist.

    Surely you can see that it can be interpreted as such?
    Is it acceptable to the French public to have their faces covered, if they are covered with another face?

    I fail to see how this has insulted you to be quite honest.
    If you wish to be open with your culture, you should be open to discuss it. Not take offence at the mere mention of it.

  29. Raads

    @Tony, well now u put it that way it seems i did overreact abit, but why would a muslim woman who has covered her face because of religious purpoese, then cover it with another persons face? a model to be precise?
    surely that would attract more attention and would be a greater sin than her not wearing a scarf, as that is showing off another womans face and making that woman more popular rather than doing the opposite?
    im sure you can see the snse in this and i do apologise for being so offended by a little thing as that. and please please dont call me man cuz i hate that word to bits from hearing it so much. i am not a man!!! :D

  30. OOO

    I think this is quiet interesting!!

  31. Sam

    @ Kirvi Inci
    I think it’s a very valid and creative take on a mask.
    I doubt many people would think to shred the piece of paper if they were asked to turn it into a mask. I would assume that most people would simply poke a couple of rough eye holes in it and stick it to their foreheads. But by cutting the paper into shreds it leaves the printed image of the face complete (even though it has been sliced its still all there, whereas eye holes remove some of image.)
    And it fulfills the requirements of a mask: it effectively hides the person’s face/identity, while allowing them to see outward (though with how much visibility I’m unsure as I haven’t got a shredder).
    Also the fact that all that’s required to transform the page into a mask is a paper-shredder, or a pair of scissors and a lot of patience, means that it is simply for anyone to recreate the effect. So the idea has a better chance of spreading and of gaining more exposure than a fine, handcrafted mask which most people wouldn’t have the ability/time/impulse to recreate and share with others.
    Ad just think, they’re so easy to make that you could have one for every day of the week, every day of the year, a different mask or identity every day of your life. Every morning you would wake up and think “Who do you want to be today?”

    I think it’s a great concept.

  32. Sam

    “Who do I want to be today?”*

  33. Tony


    Sorry I didn’t realise your gender, my sincerest apologies.
    I didn’t mean it as a solution for muslim women.
    I meant, perhaops the artist is asking “Is this OK?” if the face is covered, yet a face is visible.
    The argument is (as far as I understand it) that covered faces can make some people in the western world uncomfortable as this is not the done thing traditionally.

    sorry for the “man” bit.

  34. Raads

    haha its ok, and yes pepole sometimes find it difficult to tell my gender from my nick name :D lol wat a ‘discussion!’

  35. Brian

    Well.. it is creative despite how it looks. agree with Art of Concept, the third one does look creepy. =D

  36. Penguin Queen

    using that in my french hw

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