Weird and Unusual Inventions

Weird and Unusual Inventions

The most unusual products and creative inventions from all over the world.

Cat Ears for Humans

Necomimi ears read your brainwaves and show your emotions.

Keyboard Silencer

Need a quiet keyboard? Thanko’s keyboard cover helps in reducing the noise and also protects your keyboard from dust and water.

Keyboard Silencer

The SlipQuit

Cool backpack with self-inflating slide that will help you escape.

The SlipQuit

Bed Sheet Tucker

Slide this ingenious device between the mattress and box spring to raise the mattress and tuck in the sheet at the same time.

Bed Sheet Tucker

Nose Stylus

Unique stylus for touchscreen devices created by Dominic Wilcox. [more]

Nose Stylus

Booty Pop Panties

No expensive surgery or exercise required. Go from FLAT to FAB.

Pocket Chair

Take a seat anywhere with amazing chair that fits in your pocket.

Pocket Chair

Bicycle Roof

VELTOP removable windshield and roof system for your bicycle. [more]

Bicycle Roof


Now you can sleep comfortably on airplanes during long flights.


Noodle Cooler

Fan for chopsticks from Japan will blow on your food while you eat.

Noodle Cooler

High Heel Protector Cap

Never sink into the grass again with SoleMates heel protector cap. [buy]

High Heel Protector Cap

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  1. Bali bug

    i love these soo much but the cat ears and noodle cooler are my absolute fave!

  2. Christian

    The cat ears just blew me away. I want to see different colors to resonate with skin tone

  3. chelsea_fc

    Some of these scream lazy!!

  4. Betty

    high heel caps are the most useful thing here. Calling professional wardrobe people–put a few of these in your kit!

  5. Michelle Wie

    Finally someone has figured out a way for me to play golf in heels!

    Now if we could only get Augusta to let women in…

  6. Larna

    SlipQuit??What are u thinking? I think PocketChair and heels protector is pretty awesome simple invention. The rest didnt intrigue me rather than cracks me up with a laugh.muahaha.

  7. Svetlina

    Booty Pop Panties? Not creative, not useful, not pretty. Even not unusual :)

  8. Lucas

    Que idéias rsrs

  9. Cherry Blossom

    The cat ears are so adorable!!
    I want them!!

  10. Darrell

    Pretty sure the Slip Quit isn’t even a real thing. The idea makes no since. The picture is SO obviously photoshopped. It looks like the type of joke-ads they used to have in Nickelodeon Magazine.. Why is it even on here?

    I like neuro-wear but those cat ears looked a little ridiculous.. Love the idea though.

    Pocket chair? Haha Really like that one.

  11. Mon Sun C

    Funky stuff with a few ‘huh’? really? But must admit there were a couple like the heel protector that I did like. I have them on my dance shoes and boy doesn’t it save having to replace the heels and if the dance floor is slippery these will help get a grip on the floor.

  12. tt

    I’ve been waiting for a product that let you know what women are thinking! thank you cat ears for human!

  13. Jason

    “Nose Stylus” – must have :))))))))))))

  14. Christian

    I want a “Package Pop”

  15. Clare

    I first thought that the cat ears were awesome, but now I’m just disappointed! Only two moods? REALLY? Hmph.

  16. Tara

    I don’t understand how the slide may help you “escape”.

  17. Enrico Martinez

    High Heel Protector??? Just use Rubber Shoes.

    Pocket Chair??? I got plenty, its called Newspaper. You can sit on it, Lay down on it, Read news from it, You can even make Origami with it, etc. etc…

    Noodle Cooler??? That’s a Battery Depleter.

    SlipQuit??? Winners don’t quit.

  18. craig

    how is the slip quick gunna help u escape, u cant even jump on it, you go forward the pack and slide goes with you???

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