Dinner Table with Integrated Piano

Dinner Table with Integrated Piano

Designed by Georg Bohle, this cool dining table comes with an integrated full size electric piano.

Piano Table is perfect for someone who lives in a small apartment and likes to occasionally play the piano.

Piano Table by Georg Bohle

Piano Dinner Table

Piano Table

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  1. Megan

    Excellent space saving idea. The hard part is learning how to play the piano :)

  2. GustaveCo

    Beautiful, elegant and simple.


  3. Turnosaurus

    Not the most practical for spills etc. but a nice table nonetheless.

  4. Pearl

    I love the big table~~:-))

  5. Betty

    It’s easy to imagine: as a wonderful evening meal winds down and everyone is sitting, chatting and digesting,quietly nudges back his or her plate,casually tosses back the table linen, lifts the cover and begins to play…quietly at first, something jazzy and then…


  6. RL Creative

    That’s a very cool :) I think it is great to have a breakfast while playing Mozart Symphony No. 40 )))
    Baked eggs with bacon and some ta-da-da ta-da-da ta-da-da-TA! ))) Kind a cool, isn’t it? ;)

  7. Final

    nice but what about the price?

  8. Bernd

    How good is it with spilled drinks or crumbs?

  9. John

    Ofcourse… you can also eat on a regular piano. But for the surprise effect, I like it.

  10. Eric Jorgensen

    Great idea- opens up lots of possibilities. Now how about a couch with integrated bag pipes?

  11. Leo Blume

    I just wanna see how can I tune it!!!

  12. Sam

    Would love this, but it would suck if you spilled something on it, especially soda. Although, I suppose the solution is to not put drinks on it :)

  13. Jacqueline

    If I just have it in my dorm, that would be perfect!!!

  14. Karin L.

    Can you play and eat?

  15. Kevin

    @Leo it’s electric lol no need to tune it

  16. X

    Wheres the cord?

  17. timmay

    ya there awesome, @kevin i culd see that its no tuning cause it electric but then @x theirs no cord so i think it regular piano just really hard to tune

  18. Stephanie Horn

    @betty Exactly! I had the same vision. I love this, and if I could play piano I’d buy it immediately!

  19. George

    ya but wat if you spill something on it

  20. munira kachwalla

    i like it very much .i will try and use this idea when i do my daughters study table

  21. garbarharyarbb

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Munira, but there isn’t much of a market for your daughters to study table ’round here.

  22. jasperiscool

    @John That’s barbaric!
    @Toxel @Final Yeah, what about the price?
    @Eric Jorgensen Hell yeah! (I still like the piano better =P)

  23. catherine

    yes what is the price?

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