Device for Skipping on Water

Device for Skipping on Water

AquaSkipper is a fun recreational device that allows you to glide on water.

Simply hop up and down to propel yourself forward.

Water Bird


Aqua Skipper


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  1. Torjan

    really loved the water pogo stick…
    its fkn awesome..

  2. Stephan

    do want..

  3. archatas

    It would be interesting to try it, but from aside it looks awkward.

  4. Doink

    Water pogo stick ?! Want!

  5. noname watcher

    i dont understand it :S

  6. Kim Phillips

    Looks like a drowning devise. LOL.

  7. Daniel

    “Built in 1988 by a swedisch Ingenieur Alexander Sahlin. After 10 years of working on this the first Prototype “Trampofoil” was released:

    Inventist forced the engineering and updated this “Human-Powered hydrofoil with flapping wing propulsion” to SOP.

  8. ben

    Looks fun… for about 5 minutes.

  9. luanpa

    I can only stand for 1 minute

  10. kevin

    ahahaha, saw it at a boat show, few moths ago, looks ridiculous.

  11. metaleaf

    For some reason I fear that if they stop hopping . . . they will sink 0_0

  12. VinceVega

    How long until someone slips while hopping? It’s different so it looks fun, but I’d have to think it’s a liability nightmare. It be fun to dress as Jesus on it though. ; )

  13. Kevin

    This was on mythbusters…they had trouble getting it to work lol. YouTube the video

  14. Madison S.

    ive used one of these b4, it was fun

    @metaleaf, they do!

  15. Allayna

    Wow, this is old… interesting to see it here

  16. TiAtCafe

    Hum….. This doesn’t look fun at all. In fact, it looks really stupid.

  17. Greg

    It looks like the Ocean’s Segway.

  18. rachael

    what happens if me legs give way?

  19. maryrose

    i have one! havn’t put it together yet. got it at a yardsale and it hasn’t been used yet! can’t wait to try it out!

  20. reason

    When does Tony Little ride this in infomercials?

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