Sleeping Bag Chair

Sleeping Bag Chair

Comfortable lounge chair with integrated sleeping bag designed by Les M.

Anais Morel and Celine Merhand created a chair that will keep you warm while you sleep, relax, watch TV, or read your favorite book.

The “Cocon” blanket is removable and machine washable.

Sleeping Chair

Celine Merhand and Anais Morel

Cocon Chair Celine Merhand

Cocon Chair

Les M Chair

Cocon Lounge Chair

Sleeping Bag Lounge Chair

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  1. viewer

    want! *Falls asleep*

  2. Betty

    looks so cumfy….afraid I’d fall right to sleep and fall off though.

  3. Sharyn

    I like it, but you’d really want to live in the right climate for it.

  4. Bico


  5. Kailey

    I would love it! But what if the chair would tip over?

  6. Maru


  7. crystal

    isnt that what a bed is for? hmm defeats the whole purpose of having a bed lol

  8. Malin

    i’ve been doing this for years hahaha :D nothing is more fun on a chilly winter night than to sit behind your computer in a sleeping bag

  9. Tom

    Why is it that sites like this provide pictures and descriptions of wonderful things but FAIL in providing the retail sources and pricing of such things? Just like the “teasers” in school…..STOP THE TEASING !!!!!

  10. Trixie

    This looks really cool. Is there any where to buy these in the United States? Would be perfect for my husband.

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