Longboard Stroller

Longboard Stroller

Innovative baby stroller designed for active parents who love to skateboard.

Longboard Stroller allows people to easily travel with their kids through a city environment. Skateboarders who have children will love this stroller.

Created by Studio Peter van Riet for baby stroller company Quinny.

Longboard Baby Stroller

Longboard skateboard was combined with a comfortable baby stroller.

Foldable design allows easy storage and transportation.

Skateboard Stroller

Scooter Stroller

Skateboard Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller

Scooter Baby Stroller

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  1. diego

    isn’t it a little dangerous? why fun is always dangerous :C

  2. daffy

    Silly, want the child to fly away?

  3. Jerry

    While this does look somewhat fun, all I see here is… FACE PLANT
    At least put a helmet on the little ones.

  4. jacklyn

    I can see myself on one of these, if i knew how to skateboard, and if i had a child. cool, but yes Jerry. Face plants. Lots of them.

  5. Ahmet

    What if the parent falls or slips?

    Dangerous toy…

  6. Masteroche

    I can see this in the X-games

  7. Captain America

    I think this is rather fun actually, products these days are too safe and reduce our fun, maybe it’s time to have some fun? Plus the kid must be having a blast passing though the slower babys :p

  8. D

    Hey Mommy, let’s shred the half-pipe.

  9. Gert

    Yah… because nothing bad is likely to happen with THAT… *facepalm*

  10. Wm

    Just stick a rollcage on it? Fun time!

  11. cole

    it would be pretty tough to turn

  12. josh

    I dont see how there would bee a lot of face plants. I mean, this seems almost safer then those baby seats on bikes. This has 4 wheels, and seams sturdy. you could get off the skateboard and stand right by your baby, and they wouldn’t flip over or anything like that. Cant do that on a bike. This is almost the same as a baby stroller, just one that goes faster and that has room for you the parent to ride on.

  13. M

    As long as there is weight on the board there won’t be any face planting.

  14. Skatemom

    I think this is awesome!! All of the naysayers probably don’t skate so this isn’t for you. Let the cool moms have our fun and you can take your bubble wrapped baby to the mall in your Bob.

  15. Graham

    I think its cool! But, they need to add something so if the parent falls off or something there is a face protector or body protector. That way the baby won’t go FLYING. Over all this is a good idea but needs some modifying.

    Cheers, Graham

  16. Jesse

    @Graham – That’s actually a good idea and I don’t think an auto brake would be that hard to add. It would just require a pressure sensitive system in the back. Having said that, I’m assuming this is mostly just for experienced skaters.

  17. c.d. vrede

    Where can I buy this,.. I like it

  18. Amber

    Can you but these somewhere?

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