Sand Drawing Machine

Sand Drawing Machine

Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg converted regular tractor into an innovative machine that draws large scale artworks and beautiful sand drawings.

Easily draw intricate patterns and creative designs on any beach.

Printed sand art eventually will be erased by the water.

Sand Art Drawing Machine

Beach Art Drawing Machine

A Sign in Space by Gunilla Klingberg

Sand Art Machine

Beach Art Machine

Beach Drawing Machine

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  1. randall

    solar powered, GPS guided, dry lake art scribers. you could program your bot on a dry lake and let it scratch a mile by mile artwork

  2. nilima

    very creative.

  3. NiDo

    It is really pretty and efficient, but why can’t we just leave the little parts of our earth that are left to be designed by nature. We don’t need to add the human touch to everything.

  4. veve5

    retractable needles drum – like matrix printer – patterns and any dynamically changing.
    But natural terrain better..
    Can be a time when the pattern will be the ruins of the ancient writings will be beautiful.

  5. Douglas

    prefer the human drawn sand art.

  6. Gert

    I’m with Douglas. Sure this is interesting… but it’s not really ‘art’

  7. Shilov

    This, I dont mind. It’s somewhat nice. But someone’s going to put a brand and tagline on this soon. That, I’ll hate.

  8. Swiper Fox

    An Idea taken from a paint roller, then supersized it.

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