Cool and Unusual Go-Karts

Cool and Unusual Go Karts

Collection of the most unusual, innovative, and creative go-kart designs.

Tumbler Go-Kart

Awesome go-kart inspired by a tank-like vehicle from Batman Begins.

Tumbler Go Kart

Suitcase Go-Kart

Modern suitcase easily transforms into a fully functional go-kart. [more]

Suitcase Go Kart

Truck Go-Kart

Toilet Go-Kart

Unusual kart with built in toilet has a top speed of 32 miles per hour.

Toilet Go Kart

Jet Powered Go-Kart

Mario Kart

Shrub Go-Kart

Now you can explore terrestrial and social environments from within cleverly disguised solar powered go-kart.

Shrub Go Kart

Shopping Kart

Regular shopping cart was turned into a go-kart by Charles Guan.

Shopping Kart

Arcade Go-Kart

Gaming cabinet was combined with a real world electric go-kart.

Arcade Go Kart

Palatov Motorsport Go-Kart

Designed to make genuine race car performance accessible to kart racing enthusiasts at a modest cost.

Palatov Motorsport Go Kart

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  1. Keaton

    Nice, batmobile ftw

  2. Derek Po

    The shrub go-kart won me over!


  3. woops

    I want the Palatov.

  4. Benjamin Christine

    Shrub is the best! So random! :)

  5. Saadieq

    That shrub go-kart is hilarious!

  6. Shirley

    shrub =]

  7. Art of Concept

    Love the shopping cart and shrub! Very creative stuff! Thumbs up! :D

  8. Lukerville

    love all of them except the toilet one.

  9. Sharyn

    Love the Shrub, that’s just awesome! Although, it looked like it was about to topple over the whole time

  10. Jack



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