Inception Faucet

Inception Tap

Modern bathroom faucet inspired by mind–bending folding city scenes from Christopher Nolan’s 2010 movie Inception.

The Inception Tap designed by QS Supplies. Water faucet crafted out of solid metal and polished off in elegant matt chrome or black finish.

Inception Water Tap

The Inception Tap

Inception Movie Tap

Inception Inspired Tap

QS Supplies Inception Movie Tap

Inception Faucet

QS Supplies

QS Supplies Inception Tap

QS Supplies Inception Water Tap

QS Supplies The Inception Tap

QS Supplies Tap

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  1. eemke

    keeping this thing clean wil be a disaster !

  2. John

    Inception must be a far more influential film than I give it credit for.

    (And it kind of looks like a mouthful of broken teeth.) Think of it this way: It’s a faucet that’ll remind people to brush regularly.

  3. mack

    I want one. This looks really cool

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