Unique and Creative Bookshelves

Unique and Creative Bookshelves

The most unusual modern bookshelves and creative shelf designs that will store your favourite books in style.

Console Bookshelf

Modern bookshelf by Stanislav Katz. doubles as a reading bench.

Console Bookshelf

Pac-Man Bookcase

This stylish yellow bookcase will remind you of the famous video game character from the 80s.

Pac-Man Bookcase

Portable Bookshelf

Bookshelf on wheels constructed from recycled fruit boxes.

Portable Bookshelf

Hanging Bookshelf

It is a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf all in one.

Hanging Bookshelf

Angle Shelf

Left or Right pointing angle shelf, made from bamboo.

Angle Shelf

Mario Bookshelf

These cool Mario themed shelves will look great in any kids room.

Mario Bookshelf

Corner Tree Bookshelf

Stylish bookshelf designed to be placed at the corner of the room.

Corner Tree Bookshelf

Hidden Bookshelf

An L-shaped wedge of metal holds your books up against the wall while a tiny clip holds the inside cover of the book up, giving your larger books the illusion of magically sticking to the wall. [more]

Hidden Bookshelf

Cow Shaped Bookcase

Unusual modern bookshelf designed to look like a pink cow.

Cow Shaped Bookcase

Circular Walking Bookshelf

Unique bookshelf designed by David Garcia for the Archive series.

Circular Walking Bookshelf

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  1. Reilly

    These are sweet. I like the cow :D

  2. aditia

    haha that cow bookcase, it might suit in kindergarten

  3. jbkilluh

    I hope the Corner Tree one is just drawn as a bad perspective, cause i wouldn’t want to put my books on something that slopes forward so much…

  4. KKL

    Angle Shelf…umm.. it looks like it’s gonna hurt…..

  5. Sky_pirate

    I want one. Of each of them!!!

  6. anaklaas

    Omg. I want one of the round ones. sooo much

  7. Mask

    I love that cow one, all it needs is some googly eyes :)

  8. latincrow

    corner tree looks so awesome

  9. Critical Eye

    The hanging bookshelf looks beautiful, but it looks like the books don’t rest with the spines visible, so finding a specific book would be difficult. (Still, I want one.)

    The Portable Book Shelf… really? Really?

  10. Vibha

    Love the circular one!
    The cow is cool. :-)

  11. may

    console, round a must have!!!!!

  12. may

    Mario, my mother would love that so much.

  13. Karin L.

    Some good…some bad.

  14. ioni

    Thank you! this was hilarious!
    Seriously, thank you for brightening this Friday!

  15. AnitaG

    luv the hidden one…

  16. Rafa

    I like the Hidden bookshelf but how does the last page or cover keep from flapping down and hanging? Is there another metal wing that holds that in place that we aren’t seeing?

  17. Dhara

    Hanging Bookshelf is a great idea!

  18. Heather Bradley

    These are awesome! The cow and the one that doubles as a bench are my favorites!

  19. chetan haria

    Pac Man & Portable bookshelf… love it.. other also very unique idea…

  20. nathan

    i like the pink cow

  21. Mano

    circular walking book shelf is good but if it was suspended ……. because it would make you walk on the books…..

  22. Pedro Hazza


  23. parker

    Corner Tree Bookshelf neat shelf

  24. Catherine Rhodehamel

    I think the books would fall if you tryed to walk on the circular one

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