Motorized Off Road Skateboard

Motorized Off Road Skateboard

FiiK electric skateboard has four big wheels that allow you to go off road.

Priced at $1600, FiiK Street Surfer comes with a wireless controller, has a maximum speed of 23 mph (37 km/h), and can travel for 22 miles (30 km) on a single charge.

Electric Skateboard

Fiik Skateboard

Motorized Skateboard

All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Off Road Skateboard

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  1. Zach

    love this.

  2. EugiKo

    what for this? it looks not really useful

  3. Poet

    @EugiKo: Not everything has to be useful, sometimes cool is enough.

  4. martian

    @Eugiko: Listen to the lyrics of the song in the video and you’ll see what’s the use :-)

    I’d love to try this! Aaaaahh.

  5. Senjugudin

    The great thing about this board is that it can go off road…

  6. simas

    Not very interesting

  7. Modhawk

    AWESOME!!! Just the kind of thing we were waiting on. Perfect toy for our fellow skaters. Although not everyone is a skater or surfer, this is the way to learn without worrying about SHAAAAARKS.

    True… Stop taking life so serious! Have fun.

  8. pampalas

    it is so easy to drive that even women are capable of doing it!!!

  9. Josh3402

    I wonder if it is collapsable? Then i would be able to store in my locker at school w/o worrying about anyone stealing it… though it looks like it cant do jumps or anything of the like… too bad


    This crap will be gone before it`s hip or cool or whatever. No one needs an electric off road skateboard.

  11. Larna

    What if when they were on ‘jump/flip’ mode and suddenly is outta battery?hihi

  12. sarah

    I WANT ONE!!! :)

  13. Lintu

    It’s too big, uncool

  14. helio

    I love the girls

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