Hoodie Pillow

Hoodie Pillow

Innovative pillow with a hood designed for sleeping, power napping, resting, TV watching, internet browsing, and reading.

Comfortable hooded pillow will shield you from distracting light and noise.

HoodiePillow pillowcase is available in many different colors. [order]

Hooded Pillowcase

Hoodie Pillowcase

Hooded Pillow

Pillow with a Hood


HoodiePillow Pillowcase

Pillow Hoodie

Hoodie Pillow Pillowcase

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    I hope it doesn’t make your head too hot

  2. Max

    it looks like a forced concept, besides it looks impossible to flip your pillow or put it in any other position then what is shown on the images, something which people generally do…

  3. reason

    “distracting light and noise”? Where are you sleeping?

  4. Spectator

    A pillow wouldn’t help to muffle a noise of an airport or railroad nearby, if that is what they imply.

  5. Matt

    does this really have any use what so ever?

  6. Jerry

    useless you say??…welcome to the world of creative design…

  7. chillaroo

    i dont see the advantage over wearing a hoodie and having a pillow…

  8. Daffy

    Nothing creative anyway.

  9. Dax

    @ Max OK we get it you’re bitter.

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