Roof for your Bicycle

Roof for your Bicycle

VELTOP is a removable windshield and roof system that promises to protect cyclists from bad weather.

Waterproof hood is supported by two arches and additional side protection can be unfolded when needed. Adaptable to any bike, the system can be installed or removed in just 2 minutes.


Roof for your Bike

Veltop Roof

Veltop Bike Roof

Veltop Bicycle Roof

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  1. Darrell

    Good for a hobo?

  2. Bob

    heavy bicycle is heavy.

  3. Deanna

    wind resistance?

  4. Mapache

    You can keep a laptop dry on a rainy day with that.

  5. Rigel

    Then they ask himself why the people laughs!!!

  6. enav

    this is one good idea

  7. Laura

    A Mountain Equipment Co-Op marketing tagline said “There’s no bad weather, just bad gear.” I daresay it applies here. Can’t imagine the wind resistance, however. I’ll stick with my goggles and plastic coat.

  8. Aerwhyn

    This would be useless in Ireland. Lol

  9. kadal

    well, its useless in tropic country such as Asia.

  10. pharel

    @kadal it still rains in Asia yknow

  11. Gem

    p.s. Asia isn’t a country

  12. ghostface

    more water comes off the road than out of the sky when you’re cycling

  13. Reilly

    This is ridonkulous.

  14. Bicycle Man

    It’s is ridiculous! Nothing utility!

  15. timothy

    “p.s. Asia isn’t a country”


  16. Freddy Fender

    @ Ghostface

    They know, that’s why all the bikes shown have FENDERS

  17. alf

    were can you get one from????/

  18. Enrico Martinez

    Well… Masked Rider Black has one on his Chopper Bike.

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