12 Cool Products for your Bike

12 Cool Products for your Bike

Collection of useful and creative bicycle accessories designed for people that spend a lot of time on their bikes.

Frame Bag

Compatible with many classic bike frames with horizontal top tubes, the frame bag features two compartments for A4 notebooks or laptops.

Frame Bag

iPhone Bike Mount

GoRide allows you to easily attach your Apple iPhone to your bike.

iPhone Bike Mount

Bottle Clip

Bottle holder simply snaps onto any standard bicycle frame. Due to a normed thread most bottles can be screwed directly into the clip.

Bottle Clip

Coffee Cup Holder

Ring-O-Star bicycle coffee cup holder designed by Paul Kweton.

Coffee Cup Holder

Bike Cargo Trailer

Fully collapsible trailer attaches to the seat post of your bicycle.

Bike Cargo Trailer

Air Pump Bike Light

PUYL is a bicycle pump and portable light combined in one device.

Air Pump Bike Light

Book Holder

Perfect for all types of reading material; It mounts in seconds to virtually any road, mountain or stationary bike.

Book Holder

Bicycle iPod Speaker

Portable speaker system lets you listen to your iPod while biking.

Bicycle iPod Speaker

Wooden Handlebar

Workerman handlebars are all handcrafted out of quality hardwood.

Wooden Handlebar

Wheel Display System

MonkeyLectric allows cyclists to display images on spinning wheels.

Bike Wheel Display System

Bike Porter

Stylish basket integrated into the handlebar by Copenhagen Parts.

Bike Porter

Umbrella Mount

Drybike mount will hold your umbrella and protect you from rain.

Umbrella Mount

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  1. samkinkel

    What’s the point of the book mount? I’d crash immediately.


    How are you supposed to read and ride at the same time? Plus, if you crash with your iPhone, it breaks… (Course apple sucks anyways lol)

  3. Lizzy

    same here samkinkel! I want all of them exept for the book mount. The power of creativity!

  4. Will Johnston

    I want the book mount… don’t know what I’d do with the rest except get distracted and crash.

  5. Fred

    The book mount is a great idea for those of us in wintery climates when you’ve got your bike up on the stationary in the house.

  6. Aseem

    I have umbrella mounts in Japan too..

  7. Jane

    You’d still get wet with an umbrella if youre moving at all…. Unless it tilts, but then it would just obstruct your view…Pointless.

    My favorite is the trailer!

  8. Guido Jansen

    I’d use the book mount to put my laptop on and watch a movie ;)

    Don’t believe the umbrella mount would work. If it rains, it’s quite likely to be windy. Don’t think this thing wil keep the umbrella up. And the fact they made the picture of someone standing still in a situation without rain also doesn’t help it’s credibility…

  9. Denis Yris

    very cool!! now i want a bike!! >D

  10. Aarti Harish

    Useful ones…gr8 ideas…!!

  11. Gavin

    Anyone remember a book about Mrs. Armitage?

  12. Chad

    I overshot my turn by fifteen minutes using that bookmount while reading “How to Make Time Work For You Instead of Against You”.

    Wouldn’t want to crash with a full cup of coffee!

  13. Andreas Galster

    The Book Holder, formerly known as the accident creator.

  14. Tyrone Jackson

    Wow….I really want the umbrella mount!! Keep me dry while cycling :D

  15. Shawn Fyksen

    Perhaps you don’t like the bookholder because you don’t read.If you had, you would have known it’s for STATIONARY bikes. yikes. Like the frame bag and the trailer, and the pump/light combo has possibilities.The creative person could order up custom wheel displays and be paid for advertising for companies

  16. adkarta

    umbrella mount it seems very usefull :D

  17. gunneos

    but if you’re stationary, then it’s pretty easy to hold whatever you’re reading, no?

  18. timmay

    i am definitly getting the Ipod speakers, cause its so annoying riding your bike with headphones popping outa your ears.

  19. claire

    I 1t a Iphone bike, It’s really cool!

  20. Keith

    With a couple of bulldog clips, the book mount might work nicely for large cue sheets.

    I like the handlebar/basket combo.

  21. Chris

    If you download audio books onto your iphone and used the Bicycle ipod speaker…you wouldn’t need the book holder.

    I just made the bookholder obsolete. Sorry.

  22. Steve

    Wooden bars ftw… except its normally used exclusively by koochy messenger/couriers in london… but.. i guess thats the purpose, so really, a wicked idea :)

  23. ale

    Book Holder is good for maps, useful in long travels.

  24. Jeron

    How is no one talking about the wheel display system!? am i the only one who thinks thats cool? and chris who made the book mount obsolete is smart.

  25. chetan haria

    Some of ideas are realy cool… like Air Pump Bike Light, Umbrella Mount, Bike Cargo Trailer. cool ideas

  26. santiago villarreal

    the umbrella mount only keep you dry when you are stationary.
    try to keep you dry while youre riding

  27. Bobb

    People don’t get the book holder! It’s for when you stop, you read. For example, when you couldn’t bother to take a book out of your bag, you could just read it on the spot, then ride again once they’ve finished reading. Boom, I just owned about 5 people.

  28. Duane

    For those who don’t like the book holder, it is a very useful accessory when using the bike indoors on a resistance trainer. I agree that it is inadvisable to use such a device outdoors.

  29. Caro

    Really coo! And you guys…I think the book holder is for a stationary bike…

  30. Luana

    the umbrella can be used as a protection from the sun too…

  31. Sammy

    In regards to the book holder and in the words of Dr Ian Malcom they were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should…. :D
    Love the wooden handlebar/ handle bar basket! :)

  32. D.R.

    The book holder is not for the road! It’s for indoor training. If anyone would read the description you would figure that out. As far as audio books not all books are audio and some have pictures like Linerd Zinns book “The Art of Bicycle Repair “. The book holder looks like it can hold a laptop as well great if you want to watch a movie with headphones on as indoor trainers are noisy.

  33. Austin

    Awesome expt for the book and umbrella holder

  34. Caroline Buchan

    I love the lights on the wheels, they are so awesome. I am sure they must be hugely expensive. Btw chill about the bookholder! Xx

  35. Jason Awesomesauce

    So the book mount would be for the magnetic bike stands where you are riding indoors (ie on the off seasons)

  36. Sally Guyer

    I think the umbrella thing is lethal and wouldn’t last two seconds when it’s blowing hard here in East Anglia. Also, I think we need bright colours for cycling in wet weather and dull light to make us more noticeable to oncoming drivers.
    Love the foldaway trailer though – want one!

  37. Luke

    Guess standard brakes dont apply to the bike with wooden handles lol

  38. dave

    all day track stand in the rain reading with a bottle if spritzy water and a coffee with the nice feel of wood, spare books in satchel, mozart on iPod,iPhone at the ready. Avtually put it on a wind trainer and sit there with those fancy wheels advocating cycle safety to passing motorists.

  39. john

    Hey folks – the book holder is for a stationary bike during the winter months when you can’t ride outside.

  40. Just Me

    Thing you miss about the umbrella holder… in many countries where bicycles are more of a means of transportation rather than a sport, an umbrella isn’t a problem when you are only moving two to three times faster than walking. Extremely popular in Asia…

  41. s

    Awesome stuff but the book mount!?? NAAH; so very unsafe!

  42. Barney

    I agree that the book holder is marketed for indoor cycling, but I don’t think the idea of using it outside is that stupid.

    There might be maps and directions or even local history in the book, and you could read a few sentences or glance at the map, when it’s safe to do so, perhaps after stopping, or perhaps when riding with no hazards close to you. It would be a lot quicker than taking a book from a pannier or rucksack.

  43. Daniel

    Is the bookshelf on the bike unsafe? It depends on when you use it. Right now I have my bicycle mounted indoors on a trainer stand, so that would be extremely useful without any real safety risks. I’m not going anywhere. If I used that while riding my bike outdoors, then we would have a problem.

  44. Chris Bradshaw

    I use/devise bookholder for my lap-desk, but for my bike, all I need to read is taken care of with a tookbag that mounts to the front handbars and has a clear flip-up holder for sections of maps folded to show only the local area, and for lists of destinations (for garage sales on Saturday morning).

    As for the other item I would like to acquire: the umbrella holder, as was pointed out, only protects the riders when stopped, as it has no feature than tilts it ahead of the rider when moving, when the rain comes from ahead more than above. I ride in rain with an umbrella in my left hand, doing the tilting manually at each stop.

    Ottawa, Canada

  45. nag

    I pod bike is very nice, I love that bike….

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