Motorola GPS Advertisements

Motorola GPS Advertisements

Creative advertisement campaign from O&M Beijing for Motorola Ming8 GPS.

Ming8. Now with GPS, Thankfully.

Motorola Ming8 GPS: Monks

Clever Motorola Ming8 GPS Advertisements 2

Motorola Ming8 GPS: Cart

Clever Motorola Ming8 GPS Advertisements 3

Motorola Ming8 GPS: Chess

Clever Motorola Ming8 GPS Advertisements

Clever Motorola Ming8 GPS Advertisements 5

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  1. Attila Oláh

    I like the idea…

  2. Carly

    ..looks like everyone’s heads are photoshopped on…
    clever idea, but I would like to see a little better execution

  3. Teapot

    no way, these photos are great. colour, composition and models are spot on. i love it.

  4. Jasp

    What Teapot said. Great idea.

  5. tyson

    Carly they are definitely not photoshopped in. I love the colour and the overall feel and look!! -tys

  6. michal

    i agree with the above per the colour. I love the slight feel of “charicature” animation that i get from looking at the bodies and faces.
    love it

  7. madcow

    i guess hdr photography is hitting the main stream now, everybody is using them… when will the madness stop! please use hdr responsibly.

  8. Alex

    This ad campaign is good, because that is exactly what will happen to you in China, when you ask a group of people for directions or info in general.
    Like my old Peng Laoshi said: Two Chinese, three opinions.

    I’m gonna miss China.

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