Wearable Privacy Shells

Wearable Privacy Shells

Veasyble fashion accessories transform into beautiful shells of isolation that allow you to escape from the world for a couple of minutes.

Unfolded objects with impressive exterior conceal fragile personal interior.

Wearable Shell

Privacy Shell

Paper Collar

Privacy Collar

Privacy Mask


Privacy Visor


Intimacy Shell

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  1. Elliott

    I’m afraid no amount of artful photography is gonna make that look less silly.

  2. Taz

    Wouldn’t this backfire?
    If you walk around with a giant white shell over your face I’m sure more people would come bug you and ask what the hell you were wearing.

  3. Ninja Egg :D

    How did this get to more than an idea? Some person says Lets make shells so people can hide in public. If this can really become something, then anything can…

  4. kikki

    This is so Lady Gaga!!

  5. Darrell


  6. Nisa Zul

    Only Lady Gaga using this & her fans…

  7. jumanicus

    i agree with taz, wearing this would make it redundant, whoever made this obviously ddnt think it thru.

  8. Mark

    perfect for those who wanna look like a turtle, or an oyster

  9. Cesar Martins

    It is to escape the outside world? But the outside world has not escaped this model ….

  10. Tony

    I was thinking this person sells to Lady Gaga lol
    This is silly and the sad thing about it is there are people that are going to buy it, I will be the first to “accidentally” bump into them lol JK


  11. pTc

    I also have a privacy shell, my house.

  12. Midet

    Hilarious. I love it.

  13. Dominic

    Guess they’ll be banning people from wearing these.

  14. gunneos

    reminds me of an ostrich burying its head… who you foolin’?

  15. tara

    who ever feels the need to have this has to get asap pluss if that was my dats version of privsy he would no longer be on a date

  16. La

    Why don’t you just close your eyes? If you just want to escape from the world for a couple of minutes

  17. What?

    I have never posted a negative comment towards some of the weirder art on this site but I will start now. WTF??? This has got to be some of the most uninspired drivel I have seen passed as art in awhile.

  18. Paul

    You’ve just got to love art students who think they’re so edgy and ‘new’… god this is a joke.

  19. silvercross00

    Privacy. Yes. Wear this and people would want to get as far away from you as possible.

  20. Wheels

    I do like the style of the photographs, but there ends my enthusiasm.

  21. annecraft

    some of them are good for rainy days…

  22. Rebekah

    I hate to see people beat up on artists but really? Come on…this is just dumb.

  23. Libeerian

    SUGGESTION: Wear one of these concoctions on the subway in NYC and see what happens…

  24. Victor

    Lady Gaga.

  25. tt

    good for when you want to cry but are inconveniently in a public place.

  26. bryant yee

    i love the paper folding patterns! i can’t imagine how big the purse is unfolded or how long it took to fold. unique concept, great craftsmanship!

  27. g-unit

    i’m surprised by all the negative comments. i think this is more of an artistic expression than an actual functional everyday accessory, as many of the comments state. It is made out of paper after all. I see it more as a statement of urban isolation.

  28. Nt

    I really need this! Fantastic idea and very easy takeoff when The World is about to get you…

  29. Eddie

    I think it’s better to use this to create some kind of umbrella :\

  30. Johanna

    Black is better.

  31. Crystal

    Lmao. really? lets all get privacy shells !

  32. Benjamin

    come on guys have an open mind its a rather beautiful idea, odd but beautiful not all things in the world have to make sense. And they look pretty groovy if ya ask me,

  33. Dan

    Policeman: Your bag was snatched from right beside you but you say you never saw the thief?
    Idiot: Well, here’s the thing officer….

  34. Dana

    Potential bank robbers are gonna love this thing…

  35. Monica

    I love this. Where are the diagrams so we can make one for ourselves?

  36. Jenell Scherbel

    Wearable origami! Who knew? I agree, good rain gear. The one folded around neck looks similar to well-known foldup rain head scarves.

  37. Toni

    I was just looking at it and wondering when came this moment, which we need a physical privacy shell?
    is kind of strange, you look like “modern-walking-architecture”, if such thing exist at all, :-))))
    but i like it.

  38. dara

    reminds me of the creepy things from silent hill..

  39. Jodie

    Ya know. I like this and I want one. I like the face one you wear round the neck. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat on tube trains and transport where people are staring and I just want to hide my face and get a moments peace. People may laugh but I’m sure people laughed when headphones were invented. It’s a very arty concept in these pictures, but art concepts could be developed into something better, like maybe a material that you can see out of but people can’t see in – to avoid the problems with theft risk.

    Don’t knock it, these are how most common place products begin life – as a ridiculous concept that are often mocked.

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