Edible Fashion Accessories

Edible Fashion Accessories

Creative photo series by Fulvio Bonavia features belts, earrings, rings, headphones, shoes, and handbags made out of food.

An award-winning Italian photographer created these delicious images for his fashion photography book titled “A Matter of Taste”.

Edible Handbag

Pasta Belt

Edible Hat

Edible Shoe

Food Handbag

Edible Bag

Edible Headphones

Edible Belt

Edible Purse

Edible Ring

Edible Earrings

Edible Helmet

Edible Boots

A Matter of Taste

For more inspiration, check out: Food Meets Fashion

  1. Jaz

    amazing & insane! love it x

  2. Nahid


  3. Sara

    My mouth is watering as i type!

  4. hoon

    the watermelon!!!

  5. Mask

    num num

  6. chazzzz


  7. James Anzalone

    Nice art

  8. AnitaG

    Love the cheese bag! lol

  9. Chad

    Reminds me of the Groceryworks guys.

  10. Raads

    mmmmmmmmm to the chocolate earrings :D…. eeeee to the fish belt n the broccoli bag…. clever people :D

  11. Sassy

    I would honestly wear the pasta bracelet or the rice boots

  12. Omega

    Personally, I like the bracelets and earrings. They’re subdued but have a solid elegance to them.

  13. Christina

    Love the chocolate earrings! :D

  14. chayanika

    they are really stylish..n the idea is creative n yammy..

  15. zat

    wow amazing ideas
    all the bag looks sooo gorgeous with all the textures!

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