Privacy Desk

Privacy Desk

Creative workstation designed by Sophie Kirkpatrick comes with a shell inspired hood that provides privacy in any environment.

Duplex Workspace desk will make a great addition to any library or office.

Private Desk

The Duplex Workspace

Shell Desk

Private Workspace

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  1. The Hooded Claw

    Looks a little claustrophobic to me…

  2. Darrell

    Don’t see how that really gives you “privacy” and he definitely has to hunch to get under there but I like the accordion action!

  3. Enkhsaihan

    doesn’t make sense

  4. Elena

    looks uncomfortable to me…

  5. OL

    Bit strange, when someone requires this much privacy in a public space. fap?

  6. kh

    Is there a height requirement?

  7. bert

    works great when you want to take a nap but it’s bright out

  8. Larna

    i soooo want this!
    especially when my colleague and my bosses are around..hihi

  9. douglas

    Oh, it looks like Bob is porn surfing again.

  10. pampalas

    doesn’t work with tall ppls :S

  11. me

    I like it!! :D

  12. Doc

    this would look and feel better if there was an image of the great outdoors painted on the inner side of the shell that way it would eliminate the claustrphobic effect that clam contraptions produce :)

  13. Daffy

    It seems like just one of the uni projects in tight budget.

  14. Shelly

    This would be great to have at schools for test taking when copying is an issure. However it might make cell phone use or hidden notes less obvious.

  15. Gert

    Great for dealing with nosy coworkers!

  16. ava

    I have got to say this is one of the best desks i have ever seen, it is great for privcey and trying to get work done fast.

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