Water Bottle Opener

Water Bottle Opener

River stone inspired bottle openers designed by Arik Levy will help children and older people easily open plastic water bottles.

Water=Life device grips the bottle cap and provides you with enough leverage to snap the security band and open the bottle with no effort.

Stone Bottle Openers

Bottle Opener

River Stone Bottle Opener

Water Bottles

River Stones

Bottle Cap Opener

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  1. bubbygus

    i don’t get the point of this

  2. Darrell

    …because its not already easy enough to open a water bottle..

  3. Tyler

    “will help children and older people easily open plastic water bottles”

    not the bright types are we bubby and darrell

  4. Ninja Egg :D

    whats the difference between this and a rock?
    one is super useful and the other is at the top of this page.

  5. KraZy

    how do you get the cap out?

  6. Sharyn

    That’s a great idea for anyone who can’t grip too tightly and it looks much better than those bulky tools designed for people with arthritis.

  7. Amy

    Funky design but I’ll just use my normal bottle opener. And then again what’s wrong with tap water. It’s perfectly fine for drinking (in my country anyway)

  8. Doink

    @Krazy: screw back the cap a bit then pull the opener.

  9. jj

    @Darrell my thoughts exactly! :)

  10. OOO

    well, I think there’s too many rock-shape things, one day we’ll be so confuse of what their exact functions are!

  11. Atavistica

    Really good to see assisting designs for people with injuries or ailments featured on here. Could we have a XX Amazing Assistants feature please Toxel? :)

    As for those who say its pointless, come back in 50 years and say that. ;)

  12. Darrell

    @Tyler I read the description. I’ve been opening plastic bottles myself since I was old enough drink out of a sippy-sup. It was NEVER a problem.. Now the metal caps on Yoohoo bottles were a different story. I couldn’t open those til’ I was like 3.. Metal caps are different.
    And I have never seen an elderly person struggle to get a plastic bottle open. My great grandmother can open a bottle.
    These things are just ridiculous.

    @jj I love you.

  13. Subarulol

    @Darrell Well every other person (child or elderly) is not like you or your grandmother, some have trouble.. :) problem solved:::: Everyones a critic peace V :D

  14. Georgie

    @Darrel – My grandmother can’t open a tightly sealed bottle. So this would really help. And sum people wud like this just for the hell of it.

  15. Deana

    I’ve never had a problem opening bottles, jars yes, but I have a system for those. I work in a cafe, there are soooo many people that ask me to open bottles for them. I should bring one of these to work.

  16. Critical Eye

    Nice design… definitely useful for the handicapped. However, this is a single purpose product. It might be nice to have a single tool that could work on more than just water/soft drink bottles.

    @Amy: Water quality can vary greatly even within a single state or province.

  17. Danyell

    So…do you carry this around on the chance you’ll want a bottle of water? It’s kind of a cumbersome size/shape. Cuz I can’t imagine using this at home. Or you can just get a reusable steel water bottle. Much more economical, ecological, healthier and easier to open!

  18. Ryyx

    I feel like they invented something that does the same thing a while ago… Oh yeah, they’re called pliers

  19. David

    Wait… it’s hard to open water bottles?!

  20. Doug

    For those arguing about who needs this – wait till someone you love who has severe debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and they get upset that they can’t even open a water bottle – this is a great tool. Getting one for my wife. The newer “greener” bottles with slimmer caps make it even worse. – For those guys who are short sighted “go fly a kite punk” comes to mind.

  21. Tom Simpkins

    Evidently some of you don’t have a clue about what is like to have RA and trying to get a water bottle cap off . Anything you guys can come up with would be a big help…..

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